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A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: the drug war and human rights; man killed by a machine gun in Nogales, Son.; police have poor parking skills; Black Friday plans & more. Read more»

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: Gringos causing trouble, holiday observances, Mexicans in Canada, and Anonymous vs. Los Zetas. Read more» 3

A roundup of news coverage from the Mexican side of the border: The Drug Enforcement Administration reports it is making headway in the war on drugs in Mexico. Another report shows that cartel operations are constantly evolving with the Sinaloa and Zetas cartels at the center of the action. Read more»

Tucson police officers arrested anti-SB 1070 demonstrators for disorderly conduct Thursday afternoon. Read more»

Opponents of SB 1070 pass Wednesday night downtown in protest.

Although key sections of SB 1070 were blocked Wednesday, opponents of the law spent the night in protest of the anti-illegal immigration law. Read more» 2

The border wall in Nogales, photographed in 2006.

Controversial SB 1070 provisions blocked by judge • Drug violence is pushing some Sonorans to move across the border • Climate change may increase immigration Read more»

The border wall in Naco, Arizona.

• The federal government presented its case against SB 1070 • The Utah letters investigation led back to a state agency • The Senate killed $700 million in funding for border enforcement • More. Read more»

Isabel Garcia speaks at a press conference on Tuesday.

Opponents of SB 1070 are planning a day of action July 28-29 under the slogan "Don't Work, Don't Buy, Don't Comply." Read more» 2

A National Guardsman stands watch at the border in Nogales in 2006 as part of Operation Jump Start.

• The source of a list of accused illegal immigrants that was sent to news outlets in Utah is still unknown. • The show must go on as the Border Governors Conference is relocated to Santa Fe. • The National Guard is deploying to Arizona next month. Read more»

A portable surveillance tower near Douglas, 2007.

The first court hearing on SB 1070 was held Thursday. The arguments presented will be supplemented by those to be heard on July 22. As the lawsuits begin, the effects of the new law are felt on the ground in Arizona. Read more» 2

A surveillance tower on the U.S. side of the border, seen from Nogales, Son., in 2009.

• The number of lawsuits challenging SB 1070 continues to grow as racial profiling issue takes center stage. • Federal agents are scouring corporate records to find illegal workers. • 1070 has some unintended political consequences. Read more» 1

A helicopter patrols the U.S.-Mexico border near Campo, Calif., 2007.

Racial profiling is not a major part of the federal lawsuit challenging SB 1070. Supporters of SB 1070 donated $500,000 to defend the law. Gov. Brewer canceled the Border Governors Conference. Hurricane Alex is causing floods along the Rio Grande. Read more» 3

Near the border in Tijuana.

In national immigration news, the federal government filed a lawsuit against SB 1070, causing mixed reactions in Arizona. South of the border, the gunfight that left 21 people dead in northern Sonora was the result of a feud between drug gangs. Read more» 3

A date was set for a federal judge to hear arguments on SB 1070 and Pres. Obama gave a speech in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. In Arizona, a training video was released for police officers on how to enforce SB 1070. Read more»

A home-made ladder hooked over the border fence, Calexico, 2006.

Immigration is often the story behind the story of international events. • The federal government and the state of Arizona seem headed for a showdown over border security and immigration reform. • Tension continues to rise over the shooting of a Mexican boy at the border in El Paso. Read more»

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