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As the news filtered across the social media sphere about the death of singer Amy Winehouse I found myself strangely saddened by this loss. After all, wasn't this just another celebrity whose life had run amok in a very predictable fashion? Read more» 1

A bill introduced by state Sen. Russell Pearce would force hospitals to verify the immigration status of hospital patients. Read more» 1

One gun owner’s musings on better regulation: Most Americans believe we have the right to own a gun, and I'm one of them. But we do not have to use AK-47s. We don't need extended clips nor should we walk around with guns until we've shown we're capable of doing so without blowing our foot off. Read more»

Neo-Nazis march in Phoenix, Nov. 13.

Arizona has officially passed into that shadowy realm known as "truth is stranger than fiction". When I look back at all that has occurred in this state since Jan Brewer stepped into the governor's role (and even before with the antics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio) it's a wonder there hasn't been a contemporary movie made about this place. Read more» 2

Sheriff Arpaio signs autographs at a Tea Party rally, Oct. 9, at Hi Corbett Field.

Enough already! In the pervasive pre-election madness leading up to November 2nd, reports have surfaced across the nation of GOP and Tea Party groups alleging massive voter fraud. It is widely suspected that the real reason for such shadowing is to intimidate minority voters, who tend to vote for Democrats. Read more» 2

Well it's happening again in Arizona. State Senator Russell Pearce and his side-kick, Rep. John Kavanaugh are getting ready to unveil their newest assault on undocumented immigrants, this time with a bill designed to eliminate birthright citizenship. Read more» 2

Marchers demonstrate against Arizona's SB 1070.

Guest opinion: The marching song of the backers of Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 includes an oft-repeated verse that this law has nothing to do with race. Read more» 8

Amy McMullen

It becomes apparent that this proposed legislation has some very disturbing and bizarre consequences that nobody has discussed yet. Read more» 1