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The United States Senate is now poised to debate a background check bill. The real story of Thursday's demolition of a filibuster threat by Republican senators is that the NRA no longer has unchallenged veto power in Congress. That's a big deal. Read more» 3

We can regulate rifles to reduce their potential for mass murder. And we can do it without harming the shooting sport. Here's how... Read more» 3

Smart v. Stupid: The Republican Party is re-branding. Will voters forget the old, white, boys club that it is today? The current party cannot survive in a multicultural America where a whites-only election strategy can no longer win national elections. Read more»

What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what. Read more»

Liberals and moderates have great incentives to vote this coming Tuesday. Whether your interest is women’s rights, health care, tax fairness, economic opportunity or a pro-entrepreneur environment, how you vote – and whether you vote – will determine how you live and whether you prosper for a decade or more to come. Read more»

On the same day that former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, 80 CEOs from America’s largest companies called for action on the deficit that sounds an awful lot like the Obama plan. Read more»

Dante's Inferno,Canto Eight

Polls find we’re becoming a more tolerant nation. That’s bad news for conservatives. Read more»

President Obama and Gov. Romney face off in Denver, Colorado.

The path to paying down our national debt runs through the Pentagon: In the first presidential debate, Mitt Romney said he’d judge every government program by whether it was “so critical it's worth borrowing money from China to pay for it.” Read more» 3

In the run up to Election Day, Republican interest groups are trying to avoid being the one that gets blamed. With all the polls now showing an Obama surge, they are jockeying for position to lock in credible-sounding explanations for why Romney is losing, the Senate is slipping from their grasp and other down-ballot races are turning blue. Read more»

When Mitt Romney described the 47 percent, he was saying what he thinks about Democrats. He’s not alone in repeating a simple-minded theory about why people choose a political party. Read more» 1

Making you scared and angry is an international industry. But you don’t need to buy in. Read more»

President Obama accepts his party's nomination for a second term.

The stark contrast between candidates makes an easy choice for voters. Romney argues for Pure Capitalism almost as if it were a system of government – or perhaps a religion. The president’s view derives from the Democratic view that the purposes of government are to organize cooperative activity and to regulate commerce. Read more» 1

It’s the last hurrah for white guys, something that’s good – even for them. The Republican Southern Strategy is now breathing its final gasp. Good riddance. Read more» 1

Republican Man (with apologies to Leonardo)

The Republican Platform says a lot about Republican Man. For starters, he’s a strange one. Admit it ladies – Republican Man is the kind of guy you would never, ever date. Read more»

All of official Washington is scratching a collective head about why Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. Why did he make such a bad pick for VP? Read more» 1

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