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Courthouse dogs add dose of kindness when victims testify

Officials in Maricopa and Pima counties are among those using so-called courthouse dogs to help calm crime victims who are talking with authorities or testifying in court. Handlers say the dogs lead to testimony that's more likely to result in prison sentences for offenders.... Read more»0

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Program keeps kids in school, helps them after graduation

Nearly 1,000 students over 26 schools in Arizona participate in the Jobs for Arizona's Graduates program, which helps them stay in school and teaches them how to get a job and enroll in college. The program assists students with low grades, legal issues and other at-risk factors. ... Read more»1

Officials: Nat'l drug shortage having distinct effect in Az

Experts say a national drug shortage is endangering patients' health and forcing doctors, pharmacists and first responders to scramble to find supplies. The shortage is affecting pharmacists, especially in rural Arizona, who are paying more and spending more time to get drug supplies. ... Read more»0

New UA medical center in Phx promotes holistic approach

The University of Arizona Integrative Health Center, which opened recently near downtown Phoenix, offers acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, yoga classes, nutritional advice and other alternatives to primary medical care. It's based on the vision of Dr. Andrew Weil. ... Read more»0

Arizona studies envision telemedicine’s future on smartphones

Until now, telemedicine has largely involved capital-intensive studios and cameras isolated to one area of a hospital. But the Mayo Clinic and a University of Arizona center dedicated to telemedicine are pioneering work aimed at moving care to smartphones.... Read more»0

New facility offers transitional care to Phoenix homeless

At Circle the City, up to 50 patients have beds in a dorm-like setting that's clean and well-lit. Three meals are served each day, nurses are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and a den offers recliners, television and games.... Read more»0


State agencies collaborate to wipe out dust storm crashes

State departments working together to prevent fatal vehicle crashes in Pinal County dust storms say the joint efforts may be helping.... Read more»0

State agency touts program to reduce heart attack deaths

An Arizona Department of Health Services program that aims to reduce heart attack deaths celebrated its first participants Monday as well as a life saved.... Read more»0

Official: Tainted steroids now have connection to Arizona

Two people in Arizona received tainted pain shots with medicine from the Massachusetts facility linked to 25 deaths from fungal meningitis, according to the state's top health officer. Nationwide, more than 300 people in 18 states received the contaminated injections that have caused fungal meningitis.... Read more»0

UA telemedicine program to expand rural services

A $1.3 million federal grant will allow a University of Arizona center to expand a regional program helping hospitals and health care providers get into or make better use of telemedicine.... Read more»0

Phx diocese criticized for anti-gay marriage donation

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix donated $1,000 to a group leading efforts to pass a ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota.... Read more»0

Rural hospitals get lift from UA center

Rural hospitals face challenges such as staff shortages, keeping up with technology and even attracting patients who choose to drive to a bigger city. The UA Center for Rural Health offers grants, training courses, networking opportunities and consultants to improve the quality of health care and hospitals’ finances.... Read more»0

Law requires online concussion class for prep athletes

When her son, Phillip, complained about headaches that wouldn’t go away after several days, Deannea Tanner at first chalked it up to allergies. Then Phillip, a center for Pusch Ridge Christian Academy’s football team, asked if it could be a concussion.... Read more»0

Tucson effort taps into national trend of ‘looping’ for hard of hearing

Tucson is leading the way of implementing 'looping,' a wiring system that helps those with hearing loss to understand their surroundings better. Many are changed by their experience with 'looping' facilities that they hope it will spread everywhere, and some even want it in their own homes.... Read more»0

Official: 'Recreational’ use of medical marijuana inevitable

Arizona has done a better job than other states at developing a medical marijuana system that discourages cheating, but there's no way to guarantee that some people won't use it for recreational purposes, the state's top health official Will Humble said Wednesday. ... Read more»0

Concussions often overlooked in girls’ sports

Concussions are most often associated with men's and boys' sports such as football, but girls' sports carry risks as well. According to several Arizona doctors, concussions among girls are often overlooked as a result. ... Read more»1

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