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Trump suspends foreign worker visas until end of year

Citing the pandemic-driven economic downturn, President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday that suspends the issuance of several categories of nonimmigrant visas through the end of the year.... Read more»0

ASU prof says Trump media attacks are endangering democracy

In a scathing report recounting his complaints about individual media outlets and journalists, calls for changes to libel laws and prosecution of leakers, a journalism advocacy group said President Trump’s treatment of the press has eroded public trust in the media. ... Read more»0

Billions of relief dollars for small businesses stuck in Congress quicksand

Replenishment of a federal loan program for small businesses failed to get Senate approval Monday amid a dispute over money for coronavirus testing. ... Read more»0

Supreme Court clarifies police power in traffic stops

The Supreme Court on Monday held it does not violate the Fourth Amendment for a police officer to pull over a car because it is registered to a person with a revoked license, so long as the officer does not have reason to believe someone other than the owner is driving the car. ... Read more»0

Stimulus package for virus fails to hurdle Democratic objections

Senate Democrats on Monday again blocked a massive stimulus package responding to the coronavirus outbreak, though Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer held out hope for a deal by the end of the day. ... Read more»0

Supreme Court revives decades-old deportation dispute

The Supreme Court on Monday held a federal appeals court may hear the claims of two men seeking to have their removal proceedings reopened decades after they were deported for committing drug crimes. ... Read more»0

White House reaches asylum deal with El Salvador

The Trump administration on Friday signed an immigration agreement with El Salvador that could allow the United States to send asylum seekers who arrive at the southern border to the Central American country, which ranks as one of the most dangerous in the world. ... Read more»0

Rule change would deny green cards for food-stamp use

The Trump administration issued a rule Monday that allows the government to deny green cards or visas to people who rely on public benefit programs, or if they might need such programs, including food stamps, Medicaid and housing subsidies, in the future. ... Read more»0