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While most voters are focused on the national election, Arizona voters need to pay careful attention to a ballot measure that could imperil freedom in our state. It’s Proposition 121, the so-called “Open Elections/Open Primary” initiative, and it’s the ultimate Trojan Horse. Read more» 8

It is a small victory for taxpayers, but an important one, for it calls the "quasi-public" Arizona Commerce Authority's attention to the constitutional limits on its powers — and to the fact that its actions will be watched closely. Read more»

Whenever local bureaucrats or special-interest groups want to neutralize conservative legislators, one of their most-potent weapons is two words: "local control." Read more» 2

It's not every day that the New York Times makes a compelling case against government giveaways. But a recent page-one article underscored that the Solyndra scandal was only the tip of the solar-subsidy iceberg. Read more»

If a silver lining exists to the explosive growth of national power over the past several years, it is that Americans are turning to their federal and state constitutions, reading them, understanding them, and invoking them to protect their rights. So the time is especially appropriate to bring a part of the Constitution to the people. Read more» 3

In a pair of reports in 2008-09, the Goldwater Institute documented a very disturbing practice in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office: a persistent habit of declaring serious crimes solved and closing cases without serious investigation, much less arrest or identification of suspects. Read more» 1

The city of Glendale is planning to borrow $100 million so it can send a check for that amount to Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer to help him buy the Phoenix Coyotes. That type of transaction is exactly what the Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution was designed to prevent: furnishing public debt or providing public funds to a private individual or corporation for personal gain. Read more»

Guest opinion: 2011 may very well mark the year that many policymakers and citizens nationwide take action to curb the corrosive influence of unions. Read more» 1

As our nation’s capital continues to expand its power at an alarming rate, many conservatives (including me) are seeking shelter in the power of the states to protect the liberty of their citizens. H.R. 5034 invokes the language of states’ rights to give states the power to regulate interstate alcohol shipments. Read more»