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Federal judge finds Trump likely committed felonies with Jan. 6 plan

A federal judge said Monday the reason Chapman University professor John Eastman must hand over 101 documents — emails and attachments — is because he and Trump likely broke the law in trying to stop Congress from counting electoral votes on Jan. 6, 2021.... Read more»0

Judge won’t force feds to speed up work permit renewals for asylum seekers

A federal judge denied a request from five asylum seekers to force the U.S. government to speed up work permit renewals, stating she found when it comes to approving work permits, "courts have found delays of several years are not unreasonable."... Read more»0

Asylum-seekers ask judge to order feds to speed up renewals of work permits

Although Department of Homeland Security regulations state applications for renewal of work permits should be adjudicated within 180 days of receipt, asylum seekers told a federal judge Friday the government "is routinely exceeding that deadline, taking 10 months or more."... Read more»0

Alcohol causes cancer? Should bottles and cans come with a warning label?

There is a broad scientific consensus that alcohol is a carcinogen, and that even moderate drinking increases one’s chances of getting cancer. But surveys show that most Americans remain unaware of that fact.... Read more»0