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Lawmakers forced to choose between primary and GOP convention

Primary season has already done what hurricane season is only threatening to do: Driven some party members away from next week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.... Read more»0

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Deferred deportation applications accepted

The Department of Homeland Security unveiled the application Tuesday for its new deferred deportation program and said it will begin accepting applications Wednesday. The program gives eligible illegal immigrants a two-year, renewable deferral from deportation.... Read more»0

Deferred deportation program to begin accepting applications

Up to 1.76 million illegal immigrants could be eligible for a two-year reprieve from deportation under an Obama administration program that begins accepting applications Wednesday.... Read more»0

Phx airman buried at Arlington, 46 years after going MIA over Vietnam

Air Force Lt. Col. Charles M. Walling was flying his F-4C over Vietnam when the Phoenix resident disappeared, leaving behind a pregnant wife and a 22-month-old son. On Wednesday – the 46th anniversary of the day Walling disappeared – he was honored at Arlington National Cemetery.... Read more»1

Luke, not Tucson, gaining F-35 force

Three squadrons of F-35s will be housed at Luke Air Force Base instead of in Tucson.... Read more»0

Senate: For-profit colleges wasting taxpayer dollars

A Senate investigation of 30 for-profit college companies, including four based in Arizona, accused the schools of wasting taxpayer dollars, of focusing on profits over student services, and posting high dropout rates.... Read more»0

Scottsdale soldier killed in roadside bombing in Afghanistan

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Richard L. Berry was the 44th Arizonan service member to die in Afghanistan and the sixth this year.... Read more»0

Napolitano defends ‘deferred’ deportation policy

Homeland Security Sec. Napolitano on Thursday defended the Obama administration’s plan to suspend deportation for young, undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children.... Read more»0

Soldier from Lake Havasu City dies after firefight in eastern Afghanistan

A Lake Havasu City soldier died in Afghanistan Saturday from wounds he suffered in an attack while on patrol in the eastern province of Khost, the Pentagon announced Tuesday.... Read more»0

‘Prosecutorial discretion’ barely dents immigration case backlog

A year after federal officials announced a program of “prosecutorial discretion” aimed at reducing nearly 300,000 pending immigration cases, only 1.5 percent of the backlogged cases have been closed.... Read more»0

Hold your fire

Target shooting restricted on federal lands over wildfire fears

Target shooters on Arizona public lands are being asked to hold their fire during the current dry weather because of fears they could spark wildfires. Officials restricted the use of firearms after gunfire was blamed for igniting several fires in western states.... Read more»2

Az lawmakers split along party lines on Holder contempt vote

Arizona lawmakers split along party lines Thursday as the House voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt in its probe of Operation Fast and Furious, the government’s botched “gun-walking” investigation in Phoenix.... Read more»1

Feds try to streamline immigration case backlog

Officials have adopted a series of recommendations to streamline federal immigration courts, where a record-high number of backlogged cases mean it can take 18 months for a case to be heard—bringing the “fairness and effectiveness” of the courts into question.... Read more»0

States' immigration bills fell sharply with SB 1070 in limbo

The number of immigration bills and resolutions proposed in state capitals fell sharply in the first quarter of this year, and analysts point to uncertainty over the Supreme Court’s decision on SB 1070 as one possible reason.... Read more»0

Panel: House should hold Holder in contempt in 'Fast & Furious' probe

A House committee voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress in the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, the botched “gun-walking” operation by federal agents in Arizona.... Read more»1

National Spelling Bee run ends in 6th round for Az teen

Sumaita Mulk was one of 21 students left standing in the sixth round of the National Spelling Bee on Thursday when she met her match – the word “quatour,” a French word for a quartet.... Read more»0

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