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Secretive CBP counterterrorism team interrogated dozens of citizens at border

A new report revealed that a secretive counterterrorism team interrogated dozens of American activists and journalists at the border as part of the Trump administration’s response to fears about a large migrant “caravan” making its way to the United States’ southern border.... Read more»0

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These Afghans won the visa lottery two years ago — now they’re stuck in Kabul and out of luck

President Donald Trump’s ban on the visa lottery was ruled to be illegal, but the government says it can’t help hundreds of Afghans who won it for at least another year. ... Read more»0

Prosecutors were told not to push for deportation in cases like his. He was ordered deported the next day.

Under a new Biden policy, more than 100,000 immigrants could have their cases dropped. But that discretion is left to individual prosecutors, and many are letting the deportation machine roll on.... Read more»0

U.S. closing loophole that lured Mexicans over the border to donate plasma for cash

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is closing a legal loophole that allowed blood plasma companies to harvest plasma from thousands of Mexicans a day, who were lured by bonus payments and hefty cash rewards.... Read more»0

Shadow wins: ICE avoids court losses by quietly releasing migrants who challenge detention

Federal court challenges can be a detainee’s only hope of mandated release after months or years, especially in Louisiana, which has recently become a major detention hot spot, but a new study shows ICE helps maintain the status quo of prolonged detentions by releasing immigrants without having their cases vindicated in court.... Read more»0

Documents show Trump officials used secret terrorism unit to question lawyers at the border

In newly disclosed records, Trump officials cited conspiracies about Antifa to justify interrogating immigration lawyers with a special terrorism unit, with documents also showing that more lawyers were targeted than previously known. ... Read more»0

'No good choices': HHS is cutting safety corners to move migrant kids out of overcrowded facilities

After ignoring signs that shelters were filling quickly, agencies are scrambling to get thousands of kids out of Border Patrol jails. But new “emergency” facilities skirt safety standards, while facilities accused of abuse are still getting grants. ... Read more»0

Biden opened temporary legal status to thousands of immigrants. Here's how they could end up trapped.

Thousands of Venezuelan and Burmese immigrants just got to apply for temporary protected status. But as congressional Democrats work on a path to citizenship for immigrants who’ve had the status for decades, new grantees could be left out. ... Read more»0


What the horrific crash on the border says about U.S. immigration policy

For all the attention on Biden’s changes to border policy, there are plenty of factors out of the U.S.’s control — which might make migrants increasingly desperate. Clandestine migration to the U.S. has accelerated through last fall and into the early weeks of the new administration, as poverty, crime and public health conditions across the border have grown more desperate.... Read more»0


Trump got what he wanted at the border. Would Biden undo it?

Democrats agree that Trump’s caused asylum-seekers unacceptable misery. But the goal of deterring people from migrating to the U.S. — which has motivated Trump’s complex web of border policies — has seduced some Democrats, too.... Read more»0

ICE is expelling migrant kids to 'prevent the spread' of COVID-19 after they've tested negative

Since March, the Trump administration has pushed thousands of migrant children back to their home countries without legal screenings or protection, citing the risk that they could be carrying COVID-19 into the United States.... Read more»0

Hospitals are suddenly short of young doctors — because of Trump’s visa ban

Doctors treating coronavirus patients were supposed to be allowed into the U.S. But hundreds of young doctors have their visas put on hold indefinitely.... Read more»0

Despite promises, ICE has access to DACA recipients’ personal information

The feds promised that information from DACA applications would not be sent to deportation agents. But internal emails show that ICE can access databases where that information is kept — and DHS decided not to tell Congress.... Read more»1

Democratic senators demand answers on Trump’s secretive border expulsions

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ask the Department of Homeland Security to explain why it thinks emergency powers granted to the CDC allow it to bypass existing asylum laws.... Read more»0

Border Patrol given 'unchallengable authority' to expel migrants seeking asylum, citing coronavirus fears

For the first time since the enactment of the Refugee Act in 1980, people who come to the U.S. saying they fear persecution in their home countries are being turned away by Border Patrol agents with no chance to make a legal case for asylum.... Read more»0

Immigration courts telling employees to come to work - Ignoring health risks & shelter-in-place orders

Reduced immigration operations came after weeks of employees raising concerns privately and, they say, receiving few and unhelpful answers. ... Read more»0

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