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Tiny terrors: Mosquitoes in Arizona and how to avoid them

Most mosquitos are merely annoying, but some of the buzzing, blood-sucking little demon insects carry a variety of diseases, including West Nile Virus and Zika. But bites can be avoided with an ounce of prevention. ... Read more»1

Monsoon madness: You say dust storm, I say haboob

Not all dust storms are haboobs, but all haboobs are dust storms. And the monsoon is a season — a storm is a chubasco.... Read more»0

Tourism tension in Instagram age: $1 billion in Az taxes, challenges to preservation

Tourism continues to expand in Arizona, a boon for jobs, development and tax revenue, but the growth presents challenges to preserving the natural beauty drawing visitors to the state.... Read more»0

Phoenix police roll out more body cameras; 950 officers now have them

The Phoenix Police Department has continued its rollout of body-worn cameras, issuing the devices to about a dozen officers in the Cactus Park Precinct in north Phoenix. ... Read more»0

Arizona acupuncture board takes on opioid crisis

Arizona's Acupuncture Board of Examiners has entered the fight against opioid abuse, approving chemical dependency programs for a form of acupuncture that involves the outer ear. ... Read more»0

Kids Count report: Arizona ranks 46th for childhood well-being

Arizona scrapes along the bottom of the nation in children’s well-being, ranking 46th in 2019 Kids Count data released Monday. Lack of affordable housing emerged as a pressure point.... Read more»0

Undocumented immigration into U.S., especially from Mexico, is down

Undocumented immigration from Mexico has dropped so significantly over a decade that Mexicans no longer make up the majority of those living in the U.S. illegally, according to a Pew Research Center report.... Read more»0

Can the government be sued for climate change? Appeals court hears arguments

Federal judges are weighing whether the U.S. can be held legally responsible for failing to protect future generations from climate change. ... Read more»0