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U.S., Arizona life expectancy fell, driven by deaths of younger people

After decades of steady increases, life expectancy in the U.S. ticked down slightly over three recent years, a drop attributed to a rise in “cause-specific” deaths like suicides and drug overdoses among those aged 25 to 64.... Read more»0

New overtime rule could affect up to 20,000 Arizona workers in new year

As many as 20,000 Arizona workers could be guaranteed overtime pay when they do overtime work under a Labor Department rule that took effect Jan. 1, the first change to the rule since 2004.... Read more»1

A moving story: Arizona still nets gain of residents from other states

Californians have been beating a path to Arizona over the last decade – but it’s not exactly been a one-way street. While close to 500,000 people moved from California to Arizona from 2010 to 2018, just over 308,000 people were moving in the other direction.... Read more»0

Arizona saw children’s obesity drop after WIC required healthier foods

The obesity rate among young Arizona children in the Women, Infants, and Children nutrition program declined from 2010 to 2016 after the program changed its rules to require healthier food, a new CDC report says.... Read more»0

Advocates chant ‘home is here’ as Supreme Court hears DACA challenge

Hundreds of protesters crowded the street outside the Supreme Court Tuesday, chanting “si, se puede” and “home is here” as justices inside the court weighed the future of DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. ... Read more»0

Arizona saw some of deepest cuts, biggest tuition hikes since recession

From 2008 to 2018, tuition at Arizona’s four-year state universities rose 92.4%, trailing only the 106.9% increase for Louisiana students. But Arizona’s increase translated into an additional $5,384 per student, which was tops in the nation. ... Read more»0

Arizona making gains on teacher vacancies, still has shortfalls

The Chinle Unified School District in the Navajo Nation still has teaching vacancies and many of the teachers it does have on payroll do not have a standard teaching certificate. ... Read more»0

McSally to pen memoir – just in time for her 2020 Senate bid

Running for office has always required determination, funding, a message – and now it apparently requires a book deal. Martha McSally is set to join the ranks of published authors.... Read more»0

Senate approves Arizonan Barrett as fourth female Air Force secretary

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to confirm Arizona businesswoman Barbara Barrett as the next Air Force secretary.... Read more»0

Az businesswoman's nomination as Air Force secretary, despite hiccup, expected to proceed through Senate

Arizona businesswoman Barbara Barrett’s nomination to be Air Force secretary is expected to proceed, despite concerns about whether she would bar forcing air crews to use Trump hotels. ... Read more»0

Despite 'modest gains,' Arizona schools still see severe teacher shortage

Arizona schools started this academic year with 21% of all teaching positions vacant, and nearly half of the teachers who were on the payroll did not meet the state’s certification standards.... Read more»0

Az Supreme Court: Freedom of speech trumps anti-discrimination law

The Arizona Supreme Court Monday sided with two Phoenix women who said a city law aimed at preventing discrimination would have forced them to violate their Christian faith by creating custom invitations for same-sex weddings.... Read more»0

House members again push ‘born-alive' abortion bill, despite long odds

House Republicans, including some Arizona lawmakers, are re-introducing bill that would require doctors to provide life-saving care to babies born alive after failed abortions. Opponents have blocked the bill before, arguing that it addresses a problem that doesn't exist. ... Read more»0

$20 million for Az school suicide prevention welcomed by officials

Officials called a $20 million grant for suicide prevention programs in Arizona schools an important first step to deal with a growing problem, even as they said much more needs to be done.... Read more»0

A year after death, some efforts to honor McCain move forward but others stall

While former colleagues have added John McCain’s name to legislation and one Arizona district plans to name an elementary school for him, other tributes have stalled. Among those are a measure to name a human rights commission for the late senator.... Read more»0

Immigrant song: Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Schools in Peru — and the capital of Lima in particular — are struggling to deal with 700,000 Venezuelan refugees fleeing economic collapse in their home country.... Read more»0