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Success of COVID antiviral pills hinges on access to speedy and accurate tests

The U.S. could soon have access to a new antiviral pill expected to alter the deadly trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic - but experts say the success of the treatments would hinge on whether high-risk infected patients will be able to get tested fast enough to make a difference.... Read more»0

Científicos dicen que una píldora diaria para tratar COVID estaría a meses de distancia

Una familia de Seattle, Washington juega un papel en el desarrollo de unas pastillas diarias que pueden combatir los síntomas de COVID temprano después de una diagnóstico positivo y también limitar la transmisión del virus. ... Read more»0

A daily pill to treat COVID could be just months away, scientists say

Clinical trials are underway at the Fred Hutch cancer research center that’s part of an international effort to test an antiviral treatment that could halt COVID early in its course.... Read more»0

Hot spots where COVID vaccination lags push experimental antibody treatment

Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas are among leaders touting experimental antibody treatments known as monoclonal antibody therapy, as they downplay vaccination and other measures that health officials say can prevent illness in the first place.... Read more»0

'Tainted' blood: COVID skeptics request blood transfusions from unvaccinated donors

The nation’s tensions over COVID-19 vaccinations have spilled into an unexpected arena: lifesaving blood transfusions - with some patients who are skeptical of the shots demanding transfusions only from the unvaccinated, an option blood centers insist is not feasible.... Read more»0

A chilling cure: Facing killer heat, emergency rooms use body bags to save lives

As a deadly heat wave scorched the Pacific Northwest last month, overwhelming hospital emergency rooms in a region unaccustomed to triple-digit temperatures, doctors resorted to a grim but practical tool to save lives: human body bags filled with ice and water.... Read more»0

COVID spawns 'completely new category' of organ transplants

COVID-related transplants are surging as hospitals grapple with a growing subset of patients whose organs — most often hearts and lungs — are “basically destroyed by the virus,” said Dr. Jonathan Orens, a lung transplant expert at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. ... Read more»0

Consumer beware: coronavirus antibody tests are still a work in progress

After hearing for months about serious access issues involving tests that diagnose COVID-19 based on swabs from the nose or throat, Americans are being inundated with reports about promising new tests that look for signs of infection in the blood. Infectious disease experts are raising pointed questions about the reliability of the early tests and the studies that hinge on their results. And they warn that state and local governments — as well as individuals — should be wary of shaping policy or changing behavior based on any single report.... Read more»0

Blood centers will collect plasma from COVID-19 survivors in hopes of treatment

Blood donation centers across the U.S. are ramping up efforts to collect plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 in hopes it could be used to save the lives of others infected with the pandemic disease.... Read more»0

Funerarias, y familias, reflexionan sobre las muertes en la era de COVID-19

A medida que los casos de COVID-19 se propagan por todo el país, modificando dramáticamente las rutinas de las personas, un número creciente de empresas, y familias, están cambiando la forma en que lidian con los muertos. ... Read more»0

Funeral homes, families ponder deaths in the age of COVID-19

The morbid reality is that one booming business during coronavirus pandemic looks to be mortuaries but the funerals themselves are scaling back.... Read more»0