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Researchers probe whether heat & humidity will slow COVID-19

New research from leading scientists raises questions about President Trump’s assertion that summer temperatures will drive away the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.... Read more»0

Cold turkey: Chilly and wet Thanksgiving expected across Arizona

Another cold and wet week is setting up across Arizona, which, unfortunately, will affect the Thanksgiving holiday. The approaching storm looks to be the biggest to take aim at the state so far this winter season, making for messy holiday travel.... Read more»0

Study: Climate change will continue to scorch the Southwest

Temperature data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration compiled by Climate Central show summers in Arizona will only get hotter thanks to climate change. ... Read more»1

Monsoon 2019 driest on record for some Az cities, just shy of normal for Tucson

This year’s monsoon was one of Arizona’s driest ever. Despite last week’s wet and wild start to fall, for many towns and cities, it wasn’t enough to put a dent in the annual deficit. But in Tucson, the monsoon closed just 1 inch shy of the normal rainfall.... Read more»0

El Niño predicted to linger through summer, but what does that mean for Arizona?

Last fall and winter in Arizona were record-breakers. Since Oct. 1, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has received nearly double the amount of rainfall than normal. In February, Flagstaff had its snowiest day on record, with nearly 40 inches.... Read more»0

UA tree ring research showing how climate change expands tropics

Measuring tree rings shows climate change affects weather patterns that are driving tropics and deserts north. ... Read more»0

Down in the mud: Arizona researchers probe seabed for clues about monsoons

A University of Arizona researcher is digging through mud in the Sea of Cortez to predict the monsoons in Tucson's future.... Read more»0

Hurricane tag team of Rosa and Sergio set October rainfall records

Remnants of downgraded hurricanes helped set rainfall records for Phoenix and made this the wettest October since record keeping began in 1895. Phoenix is 2.55 inches above the year-to-date normal.... Read more»0