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Immigrant communities push for more non-English ballots

With primary elections well underway across the country, voting rights and immigrant advocates are raising the alarm about a lack of language assistance for voters who aren’t fluent in English.... Read more»0

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Voters with disabilities face new ballot restrictions ahead of midterms

Around the country, new voting restrictions have complicated an already difficult process for 38 million disabled voters—a challenge as advocates navigate sudden shifts and measures undergo last-minute legislative changes during the primary season.... Read more»0

Contentious fringe legal theory could reshape state election laws

The U.S. Supreme Court left open the possibility it could endorse a fringe conservative legal theory which asserts state courts do not have jurisdiction over election policy, which would give state legislatures unchecked powers over election rules before the 2024 presidential election.... Read more»0

A parched West remains divided on desalinating seawater

Gripped by drought, communities are exploring innovations to ensure residents have access to drinking water - but desalinating seawater, one proposed solution, has provoked heated debate, as some environmentalists say the process is inefficient, expensive and unneeded. ... Read more»0

Rising gun deaths push cities to shore up police and services

With a rise in homicides in more than a dozen major U.S. cities, local leaders and gun safety experts are renewing their efforts to strike a balance between relying on law enforcement and engaging others, such as social workers, to reduce violence in at-risk communities.... Read more»0

Republican lawmakers seek new powers over elections

The pervasive myths of a stolen 2020 presidential election and widespread voter fraud are still dominant in many state legislatures, as Republican policymakers call for more investigations and reshape election administration in a way that could give them a partisan advantage.... Read more»0

California’s drought reckoning could offer lessons for the West

A California conservation law being implemented over the next two decades, along with a range of actions by communities, provide a preview of difficult policy choices communities across the West will have to grapple with as climate change pushes water shortages to crisis levels.... Read more»0

No permit, no problem: More states allow residents to carry hidden guns

21 states now no longer require residents to hold a permit to carry a concealed firearm, eliminating the previous requirements for gun owners to take gun safety and training classes and undergo a background check.... Read more»0


Ranked-choice voting survived its biggest election season yet

Ranked choice voting, lauded by advocates for avoiding costly runoffs and ensuring that winners in crowded races earn majority support, is steadily gaining steam nationally - this year, 32 cities in seven states used the voting method. ... Read more»0

Election officials have another year to fight disinformation

Voting rights advocates caution there is still considerable work to do ahead of next year’s midterms to boost lagging confidence in the democratic process. ... Read more»0

Bipartisan support for red flag laws wanes as GOP blocks bills

Most of the 19 states that have red flag laws adopted them after the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida—a tragedy that could have been prevented if the state had a red flag law, but that momentum has petered out as national pressure for gun restrictions has waned. ... Read more»0

Red flag laws are saving lives — but they could save more

Red flag laws have become a popular tool to prevent mass shootings, suicides and deadly domestic violence, but many law enforcement officials and legislators say the public and even some police officers have so little knowledge of the tool that it isn’t used as often as it should be.... Read more»0

Disinformation may be the new normal, election officials fear

The lies about election fraud, which range from false claims about the winner of the 2020 presidential race to accusations about this month’s California recall process, have state and local election officials worried about the future. ... Read more»0

Democrats, GOP push back against partisan election audits

Ten months after the 2020 presidential election, Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are following Arizona in pushing investigations rooted in the false claim that the election was stolen.... Read more»0

Republican legislators curb authority of Arizona - and other - county, state election officials

Republican lawmakers this year passed an unprecedented bevy of bills targeting the authority of state and local election officials, a power grab that might allow partisan legislators to overturn future election results by claiming there was fraud. ... Read more»0


Election officials prepare for voter intimidation threat

Election officials across the country have begun reviewing security plans at early and Election Day voting sites, strengthening ties with local law enforcement and training poll workers to prepare for voter intimidation tactics.... Read more»0

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