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Census studied citizenship question even after losing in Supreme Court

Even as it was losing the fight to put a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, the bureau was running tests last summer that it now claims show the question would not have affected response rates.... Read more»0

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Az death sentence overturned; defense lawyers 'dropped ball' in 1994 trial

A federal appeals court overturned an Arizona death row inmate’s conviction for the 1994 sexual assault and murder of a 4-year-old Tucson girl, saying attorneys in his case “dropped the ball” by failing to challenge the state’s evidence.... Read more»0

Justices concede likely impact of DACA ruling, still question program

The Supreme Court grappled Tuesday with the push to end the DACA program, with some justices suggesting that the Trump administration’s justification for the move was flimsy and did not take into account its full impact. ... Read more»0

Lawmakers spar over Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' rule for asylum seekers

House members sparred Tuesday over the Trump administration’s so-called “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers, with Democrats calling it unsafe and “abhorrent” and Republicans saying it has helped reduce a massive backlog in immigration courts.... Read more»1

Lawyers leery of ICE’s move to schedule court dates for DACA recipients

Lawyers in Arizona and southern Nevada said they have started receiving notices that Immigration and Customs Enforcement wants to set new court dates for their clients who are currently protected from deportation by DACA.... Read more»0

Dems roast CIS head over plan to end 'medical deferred action'

The acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services insisted to a House panel that there are no new plans to end “medical deferred action,” but Democrats called the administration “cruel” for considering the notion in the first place.... Read more»0

Justice Dep't pressing ahead with plan to collect immigrants’ DNA

The Justice Department is moving forward with plans to collect DNA samples from immigration detainees, including those without criminal offenses, raising alarms among both privacy and immigration advocates.... Read more»0

Supreme Court will not hear Maricopa County appeal of Arpaio ruling

The Supreme Court on Monday let stand lower court rulings that said Maricopa County is responsible for controversial policing practices of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department under former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.... Read more»0

Volker resigns as Trump's Ukraine envoy, stays at ASU's McCain Institute

Kurt Volker is still serving as executive director of ASU's McCain Institute, after resigning as U.S. special envoy for Ukraine when his name surfaced last week in a whistleblower’s report on President Trump’s dealings with that country.... Read more»0

Both sides now: Arizonans rally to stake out opposing border positions

Arizonans on opposite sides of the immigration debate were in Washington Wednesday where they rallied on opposite sides of the Capitol in hopes of making their respective cases to Congress.... Read more»0

Pelosi backs impeachment inquiry, Arizona delegation members not swayed

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Tuesday that the House would open a formal impeachment inquiry on President Donald Trump, but her announcement did not appear to change any minds in the Arizona delegation.... Read more»0

Audit shows deep, worsening trauma for migrant children in custody

An inspector general’s report on the mental health of migrant children in federal detention found multiple shortcomings in how officials cared for children in custody last fall, with significant trauma and worsening mental health problems.... Read more»0

Az execution witnesses have 1st Amendment right to hear entire process, 9th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that witnesses to Arizona executions have a First Amendment right to hear the entire execution process to help determine if executions are done “in a humane and lawful manner.”... Read more»0

Opponents promise Supreme Court decision won’t be last word on asylum

Critics vowed Thursday that the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Trump administration’s restrictive asylum policy move forward will not be the last word and that they intend to keep challenging the plan.... Read more»0

Advocates alarmed by reports administration may lower refugee cap again

Advocates reacted with alarm Tuesday to published reports that the Trump administration may again cut the number of refugees allowed in to the U.S., a move they said would endanger vulnerable people and tarnish the country’s standing.... Read more»0

DHS plan to close Flores immigration detention ‘loophole’ likely to get tied in knots

The Trump administration has long complained about the Flores agreement, a 1997 court ruling that severely limits the amount of time that migrant children can be detained by the government, but a move to get rid of the agreement is likely to face legal challenges. ... Read more»0

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