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The U.S. is among the world's worsening nations

Congress can't get anything done. And 50 million people are living in poverty.... Read more»0

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Brazil: Police release disturbing list of safety tips for World Cup

Police in Brazil's largest city will distribute safety pamphlets to World Cup visitors next month. Among the suggestions given is to hold your tongue when you're being robbed. Screaming will only get you killed. Solid advice.... Read more»0

Newly discovered metal-eating plant could save world

Rinorea niccolifera absorbs and stores up to 18,000 parts per million of nickel in its leaves without being poisoned.... Read more»0

Some cool uses for drones instead of killing and spying

What about fighting forest fires instead of bombing wedding parties in Yemen?... Read more»0

Putnisite: World's newest mineral is unlike anything we've ever seen

It's purple and pretty and composed of cube-like crystals just 0.5 mm in size. But what really makes putnisite, the world's newest mineral, truly unique is that nothing like it has ever been discovered before.... Read more»0

The 6 most surprising ways the U.S. gov't is spending your taxes

You paid $81.50 toward America's nuclear weapons last year. ... Read more»0

The 8 most surprising nations that still require birth control Rx

You can get the pill over the counter in Pakistan, but not in Canada or the US.... Read more»0

Alexander the Great was killed by toxic wine, says scientist

A leading toxicologist may have solved the 2,000-year-old mystery of what killed Alexander the Great. The ruler of the largest kingdom in the ancient world died at just 32 years of age in the year 323 BC. ... Read more»0

Texas teen impaled by bull statue's horn

Authorities in Lubbock, Texas, say 14-year-old Miguel Martinez tripped and fell onto the bull statue's horn during a game of hide and seek.... Read more»0

Supreme Court declines to hear NY gun control case

The U.S. Supreme Court is staying out of the gun control debate for now. Justices declined Monday to hear a challenge to a strict New York law that makes it difficult for citizens to get concealed carry permits, and requires residents to prove “proper cause” to carry a weapon for self-defense outside the home.... Read more»0

Pew marijuana poll: Most say legalize drug

In the Pew marijuana poll, 52 percent of Americans support legalizing the drug while 45 percent oppose it.... Read more»0

Nelson Mandela released from the hospital

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was released from the hospital today after receiving treatment for a recurring lung infection and pneumonia. ... Read more»0

Vatican denies Pope Francis stayed silent in Dirty War

The Vatican is hitting back at critics who have charged that Pope Francis didn't do enough during Argentina's Dirty War. A spokesman called the accusations "defamatory" and told reporters today that they "must be clearly and firmly denied."... Read more»0

McCain wants hearing on allowing knives on planes

Sen. John McCain is calling for a congressional hearing into the Transportation Safety Administration's decision to allow small knives on planes.... Read more»0

Obama, McCain to meet on immigration reform

President Barack Obama will meet with Sen. John McCain and other lawmakers working on a bipartisan overhaul of the country's immigration system.... Read more»0

NY Times loses drone lawsuit against Obama administration

The New York Times had filed the drone lawsuit against the Obama administration seeking more information about the attacks.... Read more»0

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