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FactCheck: Researcher distorts facts on COVID-19 vaccine approval, liability

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was fully approved by the FDA, though an emergency use authorization also remains in place, but Dr. Robert Malone misleadingly said Americans are being offered the shot only under the latter and that it carried different liability ramifications.... Read more»0

FactCheck: Charlie Kirk misleads on White House vaccine policy

Federal employees — including at the White House — must attest to being vaccinated against COVID-19, or else comply with routine testing and mitigation measures, but conservative commentator Charlie Kirk claims that the “White House staff is not required to be vaccinated.” ... Read more»0


Sequencing used to identify Delta, other coronavirus variants

False and misleading claims have recently sought to not only cast doubt on the seriousness of the Delta variant of the novel coronavirus, but question its existence.... Read more»0

Viral posts misrepresent CDC announcement on COVID-19 PCR test

Scientists consider PCR tests a highly reliable tool for diagnosing COVID-19, but social media posts are misrepresenting a recent CDC announcement regarding the eventual discontinuation of its own test, falsely claiming the government has conceded that PCR tests aren’t reliable.... Read more»0

FactCheck: Photo shows 2018 France World Cup celebration, not vaccine protest

Social media posts are misrepresenting an old photo from France by suggesting the sea of people in the streets shows “[p]eople are waking up against vaccine tyranny”, while the photo actually shows a celebration in Paris after France won the 2018 World Cup.... Read more»0

Factcheck: Research rebuts claims linking COVID-19 vaccines to male infertility

A new study found there was no negative effect on sperm levels in men after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines - undercutting suggestions that the shots affect male fertility - but social media posts have made the baseless claim that vaccinated men “are effectively sterile.”... Read more»0


Video doesn’t prove Capitol Police allowed Jan. 6 protesters to enter Capitol

More than 400 people have been charged in relation to the Jan. 6 events at the U.S. Capitol, and there is ample evidence that many protesters defied and assaulted Capitol Police officers that day, yet viral social media posts are falsely claiming a video clip proves that “Capitol Police gave protesters OK” to enter the building. ... Read more»0


Bogus Antifa claims follow Capitol riot

Viral social media posts and a Republican House member have amplified claims wrongly identifying some right-wing figures at the U.S. Capitol riot as part of “antifa.” The claims feed into an unfounded conspiracy theory that anti-fascist activists in disguise orchestrated the event.... Read more»0

FactCheck: Hospital payments & the COVID-19 death count

Q: Are hospitals inflating the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths so they can be paid more? A: Recent legislation pays hospitals higher Medicare rates for COVID-19 patients and treatment, but there is no evidence of fraudulent reporting.... Read more»0

FactCheck: False claim that Pelosi withheld coronavirus funds over abortion

Pelosi was not holding up the release of “8.5 billion for Coronavirus without abortion funding,” as viral Facebook posts have claimed.... Read more»0


Misinformation about 'non-citizen voting' follows House vote on H.R. 1

Is it true that the Democrats in the House of Representatives voted for the right of illegal immigrants to vote in the U.S.?... Read more»0

FactCheck: Viral meme misidentifies Nazi guard as Soros

Viral chatter about George Soros being a former SS officer known as "the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz" proves untrue.... Read more»0

After McCain’s death, false Forrestal claim resurfaces

Q: Did John McCain “hide the fact that he ‘accidentally’ killed 134 American sailors”? A: No. He wasn’t responsible for the fatal 1967 accident aboard the USS Forrestal.... Read more»0


False stories revive claim about Trump donating salary

Q: Did President Trump donate his $400,000 salary to military cemeteries? A: No. A year-old viral email makes that claim. But the president does indeed donate his salary to different government initiatives each quarter.... Read more»0

Factcheck Q&A: Detaining children at the border

The controversy surrounding family separations at the U.S. southern border has prompted outrage, opinions and finger-pointing. It has also raised a number of questions, including from our readers. "Are there really children being separated from their parents at the border and being kept in cages?" one asked.... Read more»0

FactCheck: No evidence of 'child sex trafficking camp' in Tucson

There is no evidence to support claims that a recently discovered homeless encampment in Tucson was used as a “child rape camp." Authorities say their investigation revealed no such criminal activity.... Read more»2