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The media have tried very hard to make the attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado into a crime committed by a lone wolf..."kept to himself"..."motive was unclear"...move along, nothing to see here. It reminds me of the successful effort to make the Tucson attack on Gabby Giffords, which killed six people, into the mindless work of a madman. Move along, nothing to see here. Read more»

Women and children are among Syrian refugees at the platform of Budapest's Keleti railway station.

"Solving" the problem of jihadi terror is beyond the conventional military means of America, France, even Russia. Not every place is ready for Jeffersonian democracy — look how it's turned out in Arizona. Ducey doesn't know how to "solve" these things, either. But he's too blinkered by ideology to ask or wonder. It's all about blaming Barack Hussein Obama. Read more»

The Central Arizona Project's 336 mile canal - the longest aqueduct in the United States - diverts water from the Colorado River to serve 1 million acres of irrigated agricultural land in Central Arizona and to provide municipal water to Phoenix and Tucson.

Can Arizona survive the drought caused by man-made climate change? Probably. The question is whether it will be the easy way or the hard way. Read more»

Our current drought is the worst in a century (it is actually worse than that, but such is the record keeping), and less water will be sent downstream to Arizona, Nevada and California than at any time since when Lake Powell filled. The local-yokels say, it's no big deal. But they always say that. It is a big deal. Read more» 1

Doug Ducey speaking at the Arizona Republican Party 2014 election victory party at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix.

Whatever the final numbers, the outlook for education in Arizona is grim. Blame the Kookocracy. Blame the governor, wealthy Republican Douglas A. Roscoe Jr. aka "Doug Ducey." Or credit them. A majority of Arizonans voted them in. Read more»

The old Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.

You know the Arizona Legislature. It's the bunch that reduces education funding for some of the worst-funded schools in the nation, savagely cuts money to universities, has its hands in the hustles of the Charter School Racket and Private Prison Racket. The worthy solons who sold off pieces of the Capitol. But there was a time when Arizona had one of the most respected legislatures in the nation. Yes. Read more»

Doug Ducey speaking at the Arizona Republican Party 2014 election victory party at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix.

Commentary: Doug Ducey was elected governor of Arizona with a 36.24 percent voter turnout, the lowest in recent history. It may seem unfair to judge him so soon. But, no. The days when a GOP office holder was independent-minded are gone, replaced by a party ruled by a nihilist ideology. Read more» 2

A Czech high-speed train.

The news stories said that ADOT was seeking our input on its study of passenger rail between Phoenix and Tucson. It isn't seeking my input for reasons that will become apparent, but here goes anyway. Anti-train sentiment is odd considering America's close and abiding relationship with the railroad. Nothing could be more American than a train. I thought conservatism was all about conserving the best. Read more»

The Yarnell Hill Fire, burning a day after 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed in the blaze.

One must give the Real Estate Industrial Complex credit for chutzpah. It will not go down with a whimper, but with a bang. And many fires. Or rather, Arizona. The elites behind the growth machine will be long gone, safely behind their gates and walls in more hospitable climes. Read more»

In the 14th day of the federal shutdown and the media, traditional and new, with honorable exceptions, have done a terrible job of explaining things to the American people. We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis, the worst since the eve of the Civil War. Read more»

Phillip Maldonado, a squad leader with the Granite Mountain Hotshots, helped crew member learn the finer points of setting up emergency fire shelters in this 2012 photo. Nineteen members of the wildland firefighting team died Sunday in the Yarnell Hill Fire.

In the aftermath of the deadliest event for wildfire-fighters in modern history, here is what I don't want: Cheap sentimentalizing and cynical religiosity from politicians who are otherwise hostile to public employees, adequate government budgets and sensible land-use policies. Unless these issues are discussed seriously and intelligent responses made, then the butcher's bill for fire fatalities will keep growing. Read more» 1

Jon Stewart has so degraded the usefulness of profanity with his unending use of partly bleeped F-words that I am forced to fall back on the oaths of my parents' generation: Let the goddamn sequester happen. Read more»

Here's Arizona's "positive business climate" at work: The combined American Airlines/US Airways will move its headquarters to Dallas-Fort Worth. That pretty much says it all. This is a devastating loss for Phoenix and its competitiveness. It will affect Sky Harbor much more seriously and negatively than anyone wants to imagine. Read more»

McCain speaks at the Republican National Convention in August.

John McCain represents many things. Arizona is not one of them. It's just where he nominally hangs his hat. One more carpetbagger. Tragically, the electorate demanded nothing more. Read more» 1

What do the questions on political quizzes say about our public consensus? It's fascinating and frightening what topics aren't raised: The far left is dead, while the far right is very alive, carries influence far beyond its numbers and is growing more extreme. Read more»

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