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Stories by Ivy Morris

251 arrested in outstanding warrants sweep

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said that officers in the county averaged 45 arrests per day during the operation thanks to cooperation among offices and jurisdictions.... Read more»1

Group wants campfire ban until monsoon starts

Campfires Limited, a grassroots organization is asking the U.S. Forest Service for an annual ban on campfires between May 1 through July 15.... Read more»0

Brewer signs plan to arm Az against wildfires

Gov. Jan Brewer signed the State Forester’s Preparedness Plan assigning firefighting resources to areas at high-risk for wildfires.... Read more»0

Feds approve drought disaster aid for Az farmers, ranchers

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated Maricopa, Pima and several other Arizona counties as disaster areas due to drought that continued in 2011, making farmers and ranchers eligible for low-interest emergency loans.... Read more»0

Some communities make Az centennial a year-long event

For many, Arizona’s centennial was over Feb. 14, but Nogales and other communities around the state are using the opportunity to teach Arizona’s history and ponder its future throughout 2012. (with video)... Read more»1

Lead-bullet ban could help California condors, group says

A new effort to get the federal government to ban lead-based ammunition used by big-game hunters is especially important for the dozens of California condors in Arizona and Utah.... Read more»0

State lawmaker dropping illegal-immigration alert bill

Leaders of border communities have persuaded a lawmaker to withdraw legislation that would have required the state to alert the public to dangers caused by illegal immigration.... Read more»1

Game and Fish adds alcohol testing gear to DUI patrols

Those who may drink to excess when driving off-highway vehicles should be prepared to have their breath tested when pulled over by an Arizona Game and Fish Department officer.... Read more»0

Grand Canyon bans sales of bottled water

Concerned about the volume of plastic bottles in recycling bins and trash cans, not to mention discarded along roads and trails, the National Park Service is banning bottled water sales at the Grand Canyon as of March 10.... Read more»0

Lawmaker: Schools must step up on bullying

A Senate panel endorsed a bill Monday that would expand requirements for school districts when it comes to bullying, intimidation and other forms of harassment among students, including allowing policies to cover incidents that occur off campus.... Read more»0

Legislature looking at grab bag of hunting laws

Some state lawmakers are out to guarantee that hunters can use silencers. Others want to eliminate size limits on hunters’ gun magazines. One wants to outlaw hunting remotely by computer.... Read more»0

Farley: Drivers of electric vehicles should help pay for roads

A Democratic state lawmaker is proposing that owners of electric vehicles pay a penny-per-mile tax for each mile they drive. "One of the only ways we pay for our roadways is through gas tax. We need to find a way of closing that loophole." (with videos)... Read more»0

Az Senate Judiciary chairman won’t take up bill to repeal SB 1070

Calling the measure a “political ploy” and contrary to the wishes of most Arizonans, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Monday he won’t hear a Democratic senator’s bill to repeal SB 1070.... Read more»1

Democratic lawmaker unveils bill to repeal SB 1070

Nearly two years after SB 1070 became law, and just a few months after the recall of the measure’s author, a Democratic state lawmaker introduced legislation Monday to repeal it.... Read more»1

Bill would require shadowy political groups to list donors

Backed by Arizona’s secretary of state and attorney general, a lawmaker is pushing to require corporations established to influence elections to disclose the source of the money.... Read more»0