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Study: Academics more likely to donate to Democrats

When opening their wallets for congressional and presidential candidates, professors, administrators and staff at Arizona’s public universities and colleges are far more likely to donate to Democrats than Republicans, a Cronkite News Service review found.... Read more»0

Brewer vetoes state parks revenue bill

Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill aimed at protecting Arizona State Parks’ revenue from legislative sweeps, but supporters said Friday they are optimistic about sending her a revised version this session.... Read more»0

Senate panel endorses plan for state public notices database

A Senate committee endorsed legislation Wednesday that would create a state-run database of statutory public notices that have been published in newspapers.... Read more»0

Lawmaker offers new public-notices legislation

Thwarted in his attempt to allow statutory public notices to appear on websites rather than in newspapers, a lawmaker now wants to create a state-run database of public notices that have been published in newspapers.... Read more»0

One year after Japan disaster, APS says Palo Verde nuke plant is safe

A year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, operators of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station said Friday that events in Japan prompted new initiatives to prepare for emergencies.... Read more»0

School district: Spanish immersion raises test scores

Educators say a Spanish-immersion program has improved standardized test scores, set up students for success in high school and shown the way for others like it in Arizona. (with video)... Read more»0

Education leaders: Sustainability mission transcends science

Universities and colleges are in an ideal position to promote sustainability to address climate change in ways that reach beyond science, Arizona State University’s president said Friday.... Read more»0

Off-roading could be allowed in Tonto National Forest

Rather than continuing to discourage off-road vehicle riders from leaving sanctioned roads, the U.S. Forest Service has proposed opening hundreds of miles of “user-generated” paths to recreational users. ... Read more»0

Panel rejects bill to move public notices online

A House panel rejected a bill Thursday that would have allowed governments to post required notices about public meetings, budgets and other matters on their websites instead of purchasing ads in newspapers.... Read more»0

Publishers, lawmakers wrangle over printed public notices

With budgets tight and the world increasingly connected by the Internet, state lawmakers and publishers are wrangling over whether the future of public notices should include paying for ads to run in newspapers.... Read more»0

Lawmaker: In face of fires, control of forests should be local

Facing devastating wildfires and inaction by the federal government, Arizona should declare its sovereignty and take control of its national forests, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»0

Navajo tribal members combat unspoken crisis of HIV

HIV is a taboo topic among the Navajo tribe, one of the largest in the country with over 300,000 members. Many Navajo, some say, believe that speaking of disease is the same as bringing it into the community.... Read more»0

Lawmaker: Better disclosure needed on rural homes’ water supplies

In the growing rural areas of Arizona, many home buyers learn too late that they aren’t assured an adequate supply of water, a state lawmaker contends.... Read more»0