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John McComish

A legislator opposed to Clean Elections said he will push a law removing the option of contributing $5 via tax returns to the public campaign finance program. Read more»

AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett explains how gun barrels from the USS Arizona and USS Missouri will frame the World War II memorial.

With a pending law clearing the way for a WW II memorial outside the State Capitol, organizers are focused on raising the remaining money needed to complete the job. Read more»

A bill in the state Legislature would require booster seats for children between 5 and 8 years old and for those shorter than 4 feet 9 inches tall.

A bill that would require children between the ages of 5 and 8 or who are shorter than 4 feet, 9 inches to ride in booster seats took its first step Wednesday in the state Senate. Read more»

Angel Lopez, a second-year medical student from Yuma, Ariz. said the funding the University of Arizona would receive from this bill would help move the medical program forward.

A Tucson lawmaker is seeking a $15 million appropriation that he says would allow the University of Arizona’s medical, pharmacy and public health programs in downtown Phoenix to turn out more health care professionals. Read more»

Mitt Romney

With polls forecasting Mitt Romney as the frontrunner in Arizona's winner-take-all Republican primary, early ballot returns have been lower than expected. Read more»

Mitt Romney speaks to voters at a rally Feb. 13 in Mesa.

Mitt Romney has a strong lead so far among Arizonans who have opened their wallets in support. And donations from residents of Mesa and Gilbert, cities with large Mormon populations, are a big part of that. Read more»

Arizona voters can now electronically sign nominating petitions online.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office unveiled a new system Monday allowing candidates for state Legislature and statewide offices to collect nominating petition signatures online. Read more»

Arizona is one of three states that don’t require booster seats after children graduate from car seats, but a Republican lawmaker said she’s determined to change that despite years of failed attempts at the Legislature. Read more»

Stephanie Dembowski, a spokeswoman for AAA, said that cellphones are one of the main distractions on the road.

Bills to restrict distracted driving, ranging from attempts to outlaw texting to banning cellphone use entirely, have failed repeatedly at the Arizona State Legislature in recent years. Read more»

Arizona's Senate will weigh a bill that would ban those with learner’s permits and minors who have had their licenses for six months or less from using cellphones while driving. Read more»

Packaging warns against the human consumption of synthetic stimulants, marketed as bath salts. However, the product is commonly ingested and Maricopa County in particular has seen an increase in the abuse of bath salts since 2010.

Compounds used to make so-called bath salts, synthetic stimulants currently sold by some smoke shops and convenience stores, would be illegal under legislation endorsed Wednesday by a state Senate committee. Read more»