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Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said his office will likely appeal a federal court ruling that the county acted improperly when it got a wiretap as part of a 2011 investigation.

A federal appeals court ruled last week that Maricopa County prosecutors who used state law to get a wiretap as part of a 2011 investigation may have run afoul of federal wiretap laws in the process. Read more»

Retired Air Force Col. John Fer, who was shot down over Vietnam and held captive, thumbs through a scrapbook of the time when he was a fellow POW with Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona.

When Sen. John McCain took to the Senate floor recently to lecture his colleagues about governing, it reminded John Fer of similar conversations he’d had with McCain – in a North Vietnamese prison. Read more»

Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Phoenix, a veteran of the war in Iraq, called President Donald Trump’s announcement via Twiter on Wednesday of a ban on transgender members of the military 'embarrassing' and 'dumb.'

The response from many Arizona lawmakers was swift Wednesday after President Trump said in a series of tweets that transgender individuals would not be able to serve “in any capacity” in the military. Several criticized both the message and the medium, while Rep. Martha McSally — who frequently touts her status as an Air Force veteran — stayed mum. Read more»

An intern answers phones at Sen. John McCain’s Phoenix campaign headquarters in this 2016 file photo. The news this week that the Arizona Republican has an aggressive form of brain cancer brought message of support from political heavyweights to pro athletes, from regular citizens to off-beat comedians.

The outpouring of support following this week’s announcement that Sen. John McCain has an aggressive brain tumor came from the expected Washington heavyweights, including current and former presidents, lawmakers and Cabinet members. It also came from some unexpected sources, as well as untold numbers of regular Americans. Read more»

The Summer Food Service Program offers free meals in the summer to low-income kids, like this boy in Chicago, to make up for the loss of school-year meals. Arizona’s program appears to be rebounding this summer after steady declines.

Advocates and Arizona education officials say they are confident the summer meal program for low-income children will start to climb this summer, after five years of steady declines that saw meals served drop more than 50 percent. Read more»

A new report from the Arizona Department of Transportation shows that traffic accidents and subsequent injuries and deaths all rose last year- the sixth year of increases – causing damages in the billions of dollars.

Motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities continued their steady six-year rise in Arizona in 2016, according to the most recent data from the state’s Department of Transportation. Read more»

Rep. Norma Torres, D-California, backed by other members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus who were rallying against pair of immigration bills.

The House passed immigration bills Thursday that Republicans promised would take criminal immigrants “off the street,” but Democrats said would do little for public safety while having a “chilling effect” on immigrant communities. Read more» 1

A divided panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Navajo Nation sovereignty extends to deciding labor disputes at state school districts on tribal lands, overturning a lower court and breaking with other circuits.

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that the Navajo Nation Labor Commission can decide a labor dispute between state school districts and their employees at schools on Navajo land. Read more» 1

Arizona got an “F” for its safety policies, scoring particularly poorly on traffic safety, in a new national ranking of how well states are prepared to deter preventable deaths. Arizona ranked 44th overall, but 48th for road safety, where it was nicked for weak or nonexistent laws on child passengers, seat belts, vulnerable road users and distracted driving. Read more»

Fire officials say that conditions in Southern Arizona could pave the way for a heavy wildfire season this year. The Lizard Fire southeast of Tucson, has burned more than 15,000 acres. Here, firefighters battle the blaze on Tuesday, June 13.

Southern Arizona is looking at a “very dangerous” wildfire season with a “tremendous amount of fire” after a spring of record dryness and above-average temperatures, fire officials say. Read more»

Democrats on the panel, like Rep. Ruben Gallego, D-Phoenix, pushed back against GOP suggestions that legal and regulatory burdens increase wildfire risks by making forest management more difficult. Democrats pointed to climate as a culprit.

Republican and Democratic members of a House panel agreed Thursday that many factors have led to the rising number of wildfires in the U.S. That was all they agreed on. While Republicans said “frivolous lawsuits” have led to widespread mismanagement of forests, Democrats argued for greater focus on “the climate aspect.” Read more»

A panoramic view of Navajo Nation lands. Tribe members were paid more than $104 million for almost 150,000 acres of land that will be returned to the tribal government under a $1.9 billion federal program for tribes nationwide.

The Interior Department has “not accomplished much” in its program to buy up marginal Indian lands and return them to tribes, despite spending two-thirds of a $1.9 billion fund for the program. Read more»

A new report says monthly health insurance premiums grew $400, or 190 percent, in Arizona from 2013 to 2017. The report did not mention tax credits that many low-income consumers got under Obamacare to help make coverage affordable.

Health insurance premiums nearly tripled in Arizona between 2013 and 2017, the fourth-biggest increase among the 39 states that participated in healthcare.gov, a new report said. But the report does not mention the tax credits that many low-income consumers received under Obamacare. Read more» 1