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Stories by Emma Lockhart

Arizona women press case in D.C. for transgender protections

Erica Keppler traveled from Phoenix to Washington so she could have her voice heard – the voice of a transgender woman. “We desperately need protection because our lives are very difficult,” said Keppler. “To live fully as equal members of society, we need some help from government to say you need to play nice with others, you need to respect your fellow citizens.”... Read more»0

Congress mulls military bills with fewest veteran members in decades

Since taking office in January, members of Congress have introduced nine separate pieces of legislation that deal with when and how the president should be allowed to use military force against terrorist groups abroad.... Read more»0

GOP lawmakers say Trump should make good on campaign pledge on Jerusalem

President Donald Trump’s first official trip overseas this week took him to the capital cities of Riyadh, Brussels, Vatican City and Tel Aviv – but some Arizona lawmakers think he went to the wrong capital city while in Israel.... Read more»0