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Stories by Jorge Encinas

Pima County issues regs for restaurants reopening after CV-19 shutdowns

Pima County has adopted temporary measures for the reopening of restaurants, gyms, pools, spas and venues. The county vote established 15 mandatory health guidelines and two recommendations for restaurants, including allowing outdoor expansions.... Read more»0

GPS trackers see Pima County employees driving fewer — and safe — miles

Pima County has seen returns in safety and savings since it began installing GPS systems in county vehicles in 2011. Now, it's expanding the program to the entire fleet.... Read more»0

Pima County abolishes contentious CLEPC law-enforcement review board

The Pima County Board of Supervisors has disbanded a law-enforcement advisory group that had been enmeshed in controversy for more than a year. Sheriff Napier has announced he's setting up his own group.... Read more»2

Green Valley group: Climate change shouldn't be political

Views on climate change – from the extent of the problem to what actions should be taken – can become politically partisan in the blink of an eye. But the Santa Cruz Valley Climate Coalition is trying to raise awareness without getting bogged down in politics.... Read more»0