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Voters can’t decide fate of massive tax cuts, Arizona Supreme Court rules

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that voters cannot determine the fate of a flat tax proposal that Republican lawmakers and Gov. Doug Ducey championed last year and designed to blunt the effect of the Invest in Education Act on wealthy Arizonans.... Read more»0

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Election lies boost the bottom lines of prominent Arizona Republican candidates

A handful of Arizona Republican candidates who have built national profiles by embracing former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election found their campaigns getting a big financial boost from voters outside Arizona.... Read more»0

Dems launch Tax Day ad campaign in Arizona to highlight GOP’s proposed tax increases

Democrats have launched a digital ad campaign in Arizona to remind voters in advance of Tax Day of a GOP plan - touted by Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott - that would raise taxes on half of Americans and an estimated 34% of Arizonans.... Read more»0

Arizona budget surplus grows to $5.3 billion

The combination of state tax collections that continue to exceed expectations and a recent court ruling striking down a voter-approved tax increase to spend more money on public schools means that Arizona lawmakers will have almost $5.3 billion in surplus revenue in the upcoming budget.... Read more»0

Every candidate on an Arizona primary election ballot in 2022

The deadline for candidates to qualify for the 2022 Arizona ballot was April 4, and a total of 292 candidates filed enough signatures from voters to earn a chance to win over voters in the Aug. 2 primary election - here's the list.... Read more»0

Az's Wendy Rogers said white nationalists are 'patriots' & called for hanging political enemies

Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers fawned over the leader of a white nationalist movement on Friday and told his followers that she fantasizes about hanging her perceived enemies from gallows in her speech to the white nationalist America First Political Action Conference in Florida.... Read more»0

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Arizona AG Brnovich’s radical, lawless border war opinion normalizes extremism - sets stage for violence

It’s impossible to overstate just how lawless and dangerous Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich showed himself to be when he issued a flagrantly political legal opinion that all but dares Gov. Doug Ducey to declare a literal war and send troops to the border.... Read more»0

Brnovich: Ducey could send troops to border to defend Arizona from 'invasion' of cartels, smugglers

Arizona AG Brnovich says Gov. Ducey would be on solid constitutional ground if he invoked war powers and sent the Arizona National Guard to the U.S-Mexico border to stop what he says is an "invasion" of drug cartels and criminal gangs.... Read more»0

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Unable to cope with 70 years of progress, Republicans want to return Arizona to the 1950s

Arizona Republicans are wistful for days gone past, and they’re determined to do everything they can to catapult the state backwards in pursuit of winding back the clock. ... Read more»0

Arizona Democrats censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over filibuster support

Arizona Democrats formally censured Sen. Kyrsten Sinema on Saturday for her vote to preserve the filibuster and refusal to join her Democratic colleagues in carving out an exception to the 60-vote threshold to allow a voting rights bill to pass.... Read more»0


Kyrsten Sinema is gambling that her filibuster vote will help her win again in 2024

There’s been near unanimity among political analysts and talking heads that Kyrsten Sinema’s obstruction on the filibuster all but destroys her chances of getting re-elected as a Democrat, but any analysis that writes Sinema’s political obituary underestimates how shrewd she is.... Read more»0

Arizona Legislature does away with COVID-19 restrictions in 2022, even as Omicron surges

With near-record COVID-19 caseloads and hospitalizations driven by the highly infectious Omicron variant sweeping Arizona, the state legislature will convene Jan. 10 with almost no restrictions in place aimed at limiting spread of the virus at the Capitol.... Read more»0

Arizona recreational marijuana sales hit $58 million in October

Marijuana sales in Arizona hit record highs in October, with nearly $58 million in estimated sales of recreational cannabis for the month, up from the previous record for adult-use marijuana sales in July, when dispensaries sold $54.5 million of cannabis. ... Read more»0

Arizona health officials: Unvaccinated 15+ times more likely to die of COVID

A new report from state health officials found that unvaccinated Arizonans were nearly four times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 in October and were more than 15 times more likely to die from the illness than vaccinated people.... Read more»0

Kari Lake wins Trump’s endorsement in Arizona governor's race

Kari Lake has carried the mantle of Donald Trump as she has surged to the forefront of the Republican primary for governor, and she now gets to carry the former president’s endorsement, as well.... Read more»0

Dem lawmaker Aaron Lieberman resigns to run for Arizona governor

Arizona State Rep. Aaron Lieberman, a Democrat from Paradise Valley, resigned his seat to focus on his campaign for governor - where he faces Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and former Arizona Department of Commerce Director Marco Lopez for the Democratic nomination.... Read more»0

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