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Guest opinion

Holmes: Giving up some guns may be necessary to avoid total bans

"Thirty seconds; 36 people shot; nine of them dead. Y'all need (yes NEED) to start getting used to the idea that unless you give up SOME of your guns willingly, you might just lose ALL of your guns, UNwillingly."... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Holmes: Be nice to troops deployed to border; they may disagree with their mission

What should our response be to troops being deployed along the border? Speak to our elected officials, but when you encounter these troops, my advice as a former soldier is to be nice to them. They are not choosing to come here, and they probably are not enjoying it.... Read more»0

Candidate commentary

Holmes: Why World View doesn't have a spacey business model

Two weeks ago, without much fanfare or notice from the press, the Tucson Airport Authority board unanimously passed a resolution backing the development of Spaceport Tucson, the new and controversial home of World View. What this resolution means is that after months of actively working against the spaceport, the airport has gotten past the rhetoric and negativity, reviewed the facts, and decided to work with World View. Why the turnaround? ... Read more»1