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Local music superfan and rock and roll birthday boy, Bob Colby

A Tucson music superfan celebrates the scene in a great big way; HoCo Fest returns and so does the local music lover's annual to fest or not dilemma. It's your local music column at TucsonSentinel.com Read more»

Tucson singer-songwriter Little Cat

Meet Little Cat, a local singer songwriter with a short tenure but big, big dreams. Plus, raising a glass to the late Van Christian, and local musicians showing love for one of their favorite "Bob" friends. Read more»

Van with Sarah Hamilton

Van Christian has shuffled off this mortal coil, but is somehow going to live forever anyway. The frontman for desert rockers Naked Prey died Tuesday, a day after his 62nd birthday, and every firework the preceding evening really was, somehow, for Van. Read more»

Al Foul has left the building

Al Foul has left the building. Long live Al Foul. Read more»

Golden Boots' Ryen Eggleston in rare guitar god mode

In which your friendly neighborhood music columnist admits that not all prog is performative wankery... and tips you off about some great weekend live events. It's YOUR local music column at TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

Julie plays bass while Mario plays a rainbow

In which your humble narrator puts aside the usual clever puns and esoteric bits of rock trivia and tells you about the person she got the chance to love: Mario Cordova. Read more»

Blogger and Fish Karma fan Kay Sather holds up a copy of the Whole Enchilada LP

In which your trusty scribe muses on the origins of desert rock and the fact that some things suck way worse than disco. Especially Nazis. It's your local music column at TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

Watercolor's Andrew Gardner and John Matzek model Covid-era band couture

Our prodigal music columnist returns to offer up a choice selection of cruelty-free, organic, locally sourced indie music selections including stuff from Freezing Hands, Weekend Lovers, Hank Topless, Annie Jump Cannon, Watercolor and Marianne Dissard. Read more»

Silverbell founder Betsy Scarzini

JJP's four-sentence year in review, a tribute to Mike Nesmith and a memento mori for local music icons Stuart Kupers and Betsy Scarinzi. Plus this year's New Year's Eve Guide — it's your local music column from TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

Jo Schneider with sons Eli and Ben at Bentley's House of Coffee and Tea

Bentley's House of Coffee and Tea is closing its Speedway location, relocating yet again — to our hearts and minds and memories. Read more»

Exbats drummer/vocalist Inez McClain channeling her inner Brian Wilson at this year's Gonerfest

Little Cloud's Big Break. Gaza Strip get back to work. The SandWinders revist the pool room. New releases from These Loud Thoughts, Blue Sea Sky, Exbats and more. It's your local music column from TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

Bisbee's Exbats pay tribute to Rolloing Stone Charlie Watts

Remembering rock legends Don Everly and Charlie Watts as well as Tucson's Cliff Gabbard. Plus: Al Foul, Barnaby Butcher, Marianne Dissard, Sheila E., Chaka Khan, local new releases and friendly reminder to keep yourself safe at live events. It's YOUR local music column from TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

Miss Olivia and bandmate David Hostetler

Miss Olivia & the Interlopers rechristen 191 Toole, the buzz on Bugspring and a new solo effort by Golden Boot Dmitri Manos. It's YOUR local music column from TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

The tentative cover of new Exbats album 'Now Where Were We?'

Remembering Pink Cadillac proprietor and Tucson legend Paul Arki Wolff; Waxing rhapsodic on the new, forthcoming album by The Exbats. Also, thoughts on Questlove's Summer of Soul film and the unbearable whiteness of a postpunk music collection. It's YOUR local music column from TucsonSentinel.com. Read more»

The album art for Hank Topless and the Dead Horsemen's latest track '300 Roses.'

Tucson Sounds goes to the movies and comes back "Sparked" with creative fervor, REV Wyn traffics in cinematic synth-pop, These Loud Thoughts pays tribute to Saint Dolly, Hank Topless goes full sideburns and rhinestones and KMKR Radio keeps Tucson Scotty. It's your local music column from TucsonSentinel.com Read more»

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