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Stories by Aneri Pattani

National addiction treatment locator has outdated data and other critical flaws

The website launched in 2019 to help hundreds of thousands of Americans affected by addiction has critical flaws - inaccurate information, lack of filtering options, and little guidance on how to identify high-quality treatment - that are overdue for attention.... Read more»0

Con más muertes por sobredosis, defensores claman por una naloxona de venta libre

Aumentar el acceso a la naloxona es una parte clave de la estrategia de prevención de sobredosis de la administración Biden, pero los defensores dicen que la administración no ha abordado su mayor barrera para obtener el medicamento que salva vidas.... Read more»0

With overdose deaths surging, advocates on the ground push for over-the-counter naloxone

As overdose deaths nationwide reach all-time highs, increasing access to naloxone is a key part of the Biden administration's overdose prevention strategy - but advocates say the administration has not addressed their greatest barrier to obtaining the lifesaving medication.... Read more»0

From Uber vouchers to patient advocates: What it takes to increase ER addiction treatment

A report found that despite widespread consensus on the importance of addiction treatment in the ER and an unprecedented rise in overdose deaths, many hospitals fail to screen for substance use, offer medications to treat opioid use disorder or connect patients to follow-up care.... Read more»0

Pandemic unveils growing suicide crisis for communities of color

Interviews with a dozen suicide researchers, data collected from states across the country and a review of decades of research revealed that suicide is a growing crisis for communities of color — one that plagued them well before the pandemic and has only been exacerbated since.... Read more»0