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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is expected this week to issue a decree legalizing the cultivation, commercialization and research of medical marijuana. Read more»

The billionaire Republican frontrunner has no way of forcing Mexico to foot the bill for increased border security — and zero political capital south of the Rio Grande. Read more»

The secretive, humongous treaty won’t stop labor abuses in poor countries, critics warn. Read more»

Taxis line the street in the Federal District of Mexico City.

The taxi app just can’t catch a break down in Latin America. Read more» 3

Terminally ill adults in Colombia can now ask a physician to end their lives for them, after the South American country’s Health Ministry last week made that right legally binding. It makes Colombia only the fourth nation in the world to allow euthanasia. Read more»

Chile aims to harvest enough pot to make cannabis oil for 200 cancer patients. Read more»

Nicolas Maduro shortly after he was tapped as Hugo Chavez' successor.

When U.S. President Barack Obama declared Venezuela a “national security threat” and smacked the country with sanctions last month, a reaction was inevitable. Even school kids are reportedly signing the petition, which the Venezuelan president plans to deliver in person to Obama next week. Read more»

Martin wants to grow Uruguay's best weed at his Montevideo apartment.

As marijuana legalization gathers pace, here's your up-to-date look at the planet's best and worst places to get stoned. Read more»

The Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu being overrun by a storm surge.

At this month's UN 'COP20' conference in Lima, here's what citizens from the front lines of the global climate crisis had to say. Read more»

Activist depicting world leaders at the UN COP20 climate talks in Lima.

Analysis: Some negotiators were jubilant. Many environmentalists were furious. What does the draft agreement reached by the UN climate talks actually mean? Read more»

Cuban President Raul Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro says his people want better relations with the U.S. but won’t compromise their independence. Read more»

Spare a thought for Barack Obama. Just when it already seemed a near-impossible challenge, managing United States foreign policy is poised to become a tad more horrendously complicated. Read more»

President Rafael Correa has said his country's harsh old drug laws were 'imposed by the gringos.' Now officials see small time smugglers as victims of cartels rather than as hardened criminals. Read more»

Mexican drug cartels are expanding their reach in Peru and they may be boosting their cocaine trade with Europe in the process. Read more»

More and more of the region's governments are yanking their ambassadors out of Israel in protest. Read more» 1

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