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Commentary: Amid growing violence against us, our colleagues’ work and their sacrifices inspire us to keep going. Read more»

Editors and news executives gathered in Chicago last week to discuss how the industry will face a world that is increasingly dangerous for journalists. Read more»

American journalist James Foley.

Journalist James Foley's execution stunned the world, but his family continues to find strength in their Roman Catholic devotion. Read more» 1

James Foley reporting in Tripoli, Libya in August 2011.

Correspondent James Foley's execution by the Islamic State forces sober reflection on the perils of front-line coverage. Read more»

WWI Troops in Bordeaux, France

One hundred years ago, on the morning of June 28, 1914, a slight, 19-year-old Serbian nationalist raised a small pistol. He fired at the motorcade of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, and his wife Sophie, killing them both and triggering a chain reaction as the world’s empires reacted to the murders. Within 37 days, the world was at war. Read more»

John and Diane Foley

John and Diane Foley know ground truth. They know it through the passion of their son, James, a talented journalist who went missing while reporting in Syria on Thanksgiving Day and has not been heard from since. Read more» 1

Why anyone who cares about tolerance and peace in today’s Middle East should care about the diminishing Christian presence in the land where the faith began. Read more»

People praying inside Cairo's Church of the Virgin Mary in the neighborhood of Shubra.

On the ancient cobblestones of Jerusalem’s Old City today Christians retraced what tradition holds as the path of Jesus in his final hours of life. Read more»

A man casts his vote in al-Mahalla, Egypt, on Wednesday.

As final election returns are tallied in Egypt, the people have spoken and the resounding message is clear: “Don’t underestimate the Muslim Brotherhood!” Read more»

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales

Staff Sgt Robert Bales’ odyssey began just over 10 years ago when he joined the military in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks Read more»

Anthony Shadid in 2007.

Anthony Shadid was the living embodiment of the idea of ground truth. He won two Pulitzer Prizes and a legion of other professional awards and was widely regarded by his colleagues. His death in Syria of an apparent asthma attack Thursday at age 43 stunned us all. Read more»

British photojournalist and film maker Tim Hetherington takes cover as a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter lands on a rooftop in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, 2007.

At a service for Tim Hetherington in Manhattan this week, journalists paid tribute to the bonds formed in the field. Read more»

President Barack Obama waits in the Blue Room of the White House before a press conference on April 28 with (from left) Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Gen. David Petraeus.

The hot winds of change in the Middle East will present a challenge for what is shaping up to be a crucial policy speech by President Obama. Read more»

Arrogant and abrasive, many believe Ayman al Zawahiri may not have what it takes to maintain respect and last as a terrorist leader. Read more»

Osama bin Laden began plotting the attacks on The World Trade Center 18 years ago. After terrorist attacks across the globe, the leader of al-Qaeda was killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan on Sunday.

The death of al-Qaeda's mastermind will lead to a shifting approach in confronting Islamic militancy around the world. It marks the beginning of the post-9/11 world. Read more»

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