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McSally: Why I voted to acquit Trump in impeachment trial

"The American people collectively are better fit to judge Donald Trump's presidency as a whole than the partisan politicians in Washington who brought forth this impeachment."... Read more»0

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McSally: The crisis at home: Opioids

The opioid crisis hits close to home for too many Arizonans. Since 2017, 20,432 Arizonans suffered from an opioid overdose and countless are suffering with destructive addiction today.... Read more»0

McSally's last speech in House: Full transcript & video

"It has been a tremendous honor to deploy here to the People's House over the past four years as an advocate and champion of Tucson, Sierra Vista, Douglas, Bisbee and all the other amazing communities of Southeastern Arizona."... Read more»0

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McSally: Asylum seekers 'enrich cartels'; vulnerable to MS-13 recruitment

Citing the same U.S. gang repeatedly referred to by the Trump administration, Rep. Martha McSally said Tuesday that "loopholes" in vetting asylum seekers must be ended, as the "daily border caravan" of migrants "enriches the cartel."... Read more»0

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McSally: How to defeat ISIS

ISIS' vision is to inspire jihadists worldwide to commit terrorist acts in their own communities. The attacks in Garland, Texas, Chattanooga and now San Bernardino highlight the challenges law enforcement have to keep up with this pervasive threat. It is already difficult to monitor all of the terror suspects on our radar screen, but an even more dangerous threat comes from those who have quietly radicalized before law enforcement can take notice. ... Read more»0