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San Pedro Sula, Honduras, was named the world's most violent city.

The Peace Corps on Wednesday announced it was pulling out of Honduras — recently named the murder capital of the world — for safety reasons. Read more»

Police in Mexico City, 2008.

After three years in first place, Juarez, Mexico, may have slipped to second place this year. But the border town and several of Mexico's other cities still remain among the most violent. Read more» 1

Hugo Enrique Vega was assaulted by Miguel Sacal in July.

The video of a wealthy Mexican man beating an employee for not doing what he wanted has reignited debate over the wealth gap in Latin America's second-biggest economy. Read more»

The guilty plea of the Tijuana cartel boss in the United States on Thursday marked the official waning of that drug network. But it also raised an interesting question: which cartel is now on top? Read more»

Counts by Mexican news outlets said the death toll from the drug war in 2011 reached 12,000. Do those numbers really matter? Read more»

In Mexico City, five police officers have been arrested for their alleged ties to a video that appears to show abuse of a suspect in custody. Read more»

Food vendors have been the victims of an extortion racket run by violent student organization linked to local political bosses, or caciques, in Mexico.

A violent student organization with links to caciques that has been know to extort food vendors is being blamed for three killings in Guadalajara on Thursday. Read more»

Felipe Calderón

Another Zetas cartel leader captured ... and another round of drug-war Whack-a-Mole begins. Read more»

Gen. Manuel Noriega is escorted onto a U.S. Air Force plane by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in January 1990.

Former military dictator Manuel Noriega is heading to jail back home in Panama. The onetime ruler had been serving time in a French prison, and before that in the United States for drug trafficking and money laundering. Read more»

An ambulance driver was killed on Wednesday in Ciudad Juarez, a Mexico border city that saw a massive uptick in violence as cartels compete for territory. Read more»

Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom said he wants the six known survivors of a U.S. syphilis experiment to be compensated.

A U.S. syphilis experiment in Guatemala, in which prisoners, mental patients and others were deliberately infected with the disease, affected more victims than previously thought. Read more»

Muammar Gaddafi's son Saadi tried to flee to Mexico with his family in what officials said was an elaborate plan with several safe houses throughout the country, as well as false names supported by forged Mexican documents. Read more»

Enrique Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto, a former governor of Mexico state and the current frontrunner in Mexico's July 1 presidential poll, floundered for "about four minutes," per the AP, when asked to name three books that had influenced him. Read more»

Remember those Mayan heiroglyphics that were supposed to forecast the apocalypse for next year? Turns out somebody got the translation wrong. Oops. Read more» 3

When his 18-year-old son disappeared last year, Nepomuceno Moreno became an anguished parent, searching for answers about his missing child. In his quest, became one of the public faces of the missing, joining up with anti-violence groups to call for justice. He was recently killed. Read more»

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