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Stories by Sarah Breitenbach

Legal marijuana still faces rocky road, despite budding support

Ask advocates of marijuana legalization how their cause fared during the 2017 state legislative sessions and they'll tell you that though the gains were incremental, they're hopeful that several legislatures will eventually make possession and sale of the federally prohibited drug legal. ... Read more»0

Dirt roads help some cities, counties drive down costs

A quiet movement to resuscitate deteriorating paved roads by converting them to gravel is proving popular across the country.... Read more»0

Are animal hoarders criminals?

Reports of people hoarding animals are on the rise, driven partly by the attention social media and reality TV programs have focused on the public health and safety problem. And states and localities are finding themselves walking a fine line between criminalizing the compulsive behavior and helping people with the mental illness that underlies it.... Read more»0

As legal marijuana expands, states struggle with drugged driving

As more states make medical and recreational marijuana use legal, they increasingly are grappling with what constitutes DUID, or driving under the influence of drugs, and how to detect and prosecute it. And they’re finding it is more difficult than identifying and convicting drunken drivers.... Read more»0

States rush to regulate drones ahead of federal guidelines

States want to regulate how companies, citizens and police can use drones in everything from delivery services to law enforcement surveillance. Critics say airspace regulations should be left up to the Federal Aviation Administration and argue limits on drone use could stifle innovation. ... Read more»0