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Copper mine seeks support by wielding checkbook

For Superior's mayor, it only makes sense to support a plan to mine a huge copper deposit deep below the national forest just east of town. Resolution Copper Mining LLC says the mine would employ hundreds. He has another reason to support the mine despite concerns raised by Native Americans, conservation groups and some residents: the company promises millions of dollars over the life of the mine provided the Town Council formally back the project.... Read more»1

Foreclosure rate helps lure new Fannie Mae office to Arizona

Mortgage finance giant Fannie Mae has opened a mortgage help center in Arizona to help struggling homeowners with loans owned by the company.... Read more»0

Education likely target after Prop 301, 302 defeats

Facing a $450 million hole in their plan to close the state's budget deficit, GOP lawmakers are likely to respond to the failure of Propositions 301 and 302 with cuts to education, two economists said.... Read more»0

Leaders: Rejection of fund-transfer propositions means deep cuts

Voters rejected two ballot propositions Tuesday that would have transferred almost $450 million from two voter-approved funds to address the state budget deficit.... Read more»0

Arizona faces decisions on borrowing for unemployment fund

With the unemployment rate still hovering near 10 percent, Arizona has drained its jobless benefit fund, forcing the state to borrow millions from the federal government to help out-of-work residents.... Read more»0

Proposition 302

Retired police chiefs: First Things First reduces crime down the road

Helping at-risk children develop social skills and the ability to learn before they enter school prevents crime in the long run, retired Mesa Police Chief Dennis Donna said Monday. Proposition 302 would transfer $325 million from First Things First to help address the budget deficit.... Read more»0

Proposition 106

Supporters: Prop. 106 protects health care rights; foes call it useless

Supporters of Proposition 106 say allowing Arizonans to opt out of any federal or state health care mandate would preserve the right of individuals to make their own decisions. Opponents say that since a federal plan would trump anything at the state level, it would most likely set Arizona up for a costly and unsuccessful legal battle.... Read more»0

Tucson leaders hope streetcar gets downtown on track

Tucson's $180 million modern streetcar project has city officials and downtown businesses hoping more people, and their wallets, will be brought downtown by easier transportation.... Read more»1

Resolution Copper Co.

Many in Superior see town’s future in copper mine proposal

Today, with deteriorating, boarded-up buildings lining Main Street and few people living in Superior, some residents hope that a discovery in the mountains just east of town will turn things around. Resolution Copper Co. wants to mine a copper deposit that's more than a mile below a patch of the Tonto National Forest.... Read more»1

Partnership prepares women for top jobs in construction

The Advancing Women in Construction program at ASU, in its third year, places female students in internships, offers tours and exposes women to the variety of jobs in construction.... Read more»0

China Mist

Scottsdale tea company defies recession with steep growth

Over the past two decades, Dan Schweiker and partner John Martinson have turned Scottsdale's China Mist Brands into one of the most widely served iced tea brands in restaurants and hotels across America. They hope to have that same kind of success abroad, where iced tea is considered a novelty.... Read more»0

Resolution Copper

Apache leaders: Spirits, acorns make land proposed for copper mine sacred

A land swap in the Tonto National Forest is pitting Apache leaders who say the area is sacred against supporters of a proposed copper mine that would create jobs.... Read more»7

Leading renewable energy manufacturer opening plant in Phoenix

Power One Inc., the nation's largest manufacturer of renewable energy conversion devices, announced Thursday that it will open a manufacturing facility in Phoenix.... Read more»0

Majority of Az voters favor key provisions of SB 1070

Arizona voters overwhelmingly favor even the most controversial provisions within SB 1070, according to a poll released Wednesday.... Read more»1

Az farmers cotton to crop as price doubles

Purchases of everything from bath towels to jeans have boosted demand for cotton and improved prospects for growers in Arizona and around the world. U.S. farmers have booked sales double last year's — 6.25 million bales.... Read more»0

'Ya es hora'

Latino participation in census pushed

To get its fair share of federal funding and congressional representation out of the U.S. census, Arizona must alleviate fears and generate interest among Latino residents, Democratic leaders and community activists said Friday.... Read more»0