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Feds to review Az health insurance rate hikes

The federal government will start reviewing proposed health-insurance rate increases in Arizona next month, after determining that the state has an “ineffective” rate-review plan.... Read more»0

Az researchers find ‘best evidence’ yet of liquid water on Mars

Arizona researchers announced “the best evidence to date of liquid water on Mars,” saying photos from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter suggest more than 1,000 dark flows of briny water near the Martian equator.... Read more»0

Can you hear me now?

Congressional offices swamped by debt-limit calls

Arizona's congressional offices have been flooded this week by phone calls and emails on the debt-limit impasse, after President Barack Obama urged voters to call their representatives on the issue.... Read more»1

With law on hold, availability of nonsurgical abortions continues

A sharp drop in surgical abortion procedures in Arizona has been offset in recent years by a corresponding rise in nonsurgical procedures — the abortion pill.... Read more»0

Health benefit cuts begin; AHCCCS enrollment frozen

As state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema sees it, Arizona began taking “unconstitutional and unconscionable” action Friday against some of the state’s most-vulnerable residents. But as Chic Older of the Arizona Medical Association sees it, the state action is regrettable — but unavoidable.... Read more»0

Mark Kelly won't seek Kyl's Senate seat

Astronaut Mark Kelly said Friday he will not run for an open U.S. Senate seat from Arizona, but will focus instead on the recovery of his wife, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.... Read more»0

Life expectancy varies widely between Arizona counties

A study on life expectancy shows "big extremes" between Arizona counties, with residents of some counties likely to live more than seven years longer than residents in others.... Read more»0

Appeals court OKs Renzi corruption case

A federal appeals court Thursday rejected former U.S. Rep. Richard Renzi's claim that his legislative position should protect him from prosecution on charges of fraud and corruption.... Read more»0

Smugglers target Arizona for 2 of every 3 border tunnels

Arizona has had more than 90 illegal tunnels under its border with Mexico, the most discovered in any state in the Southwest, law enforcement officials told senators this week.... Read more»0

Court OKs suit by editors arrested after reporting on Arpaio

A federal appeals court Thursday said a Maricopa County special prosecutor can be sued by two Phoenix New Times editors who said they were arrested after running stories criticizing Sheriff Joe Arpaio and other county officials.... Read more»0

Sky Harbor, Tucson among top airports for aircraft 'laser strikes'

Phoenix pilots have reported the second-highest number of "laser strikes" in the nation so far in 2011, a year after being tied for third. Tucson International Airport was number 11 on the list for 2010.... Read more»0