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Trial by wildfire for freshman Rep. Gosar

A year ago, Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Flagstaff, was a dentist whose only government experience was as vice-chair of the American Dental Association’s lobbying arm. “‘Drill, baby, drill’ meant something completely different to me,” Gosar joked. (with video)... Read more»0

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Forest Service: Wallow Fire recovery work underway

The U.S. Forest Service told a Senate panel Wednesday that work has already begun on recovery of forestland burned by the Wallow Fire, ahead of a bill that would require that action.... Read more»0

Monsoon mudslides likely in Monument Fire burn areas

The intensity of the Monument Fire and the steeply sloped area where it occurred make mudslides there very likely during Arizona’s monsoon season, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.... Read more»0

Resolution Copper land swap passes House committee

A House committee Wednesday beat back repeated amendments and passed a bill to swap thousands of acres of federal land in Pinal County for thousands more owned by Resolution Copper throughout southeastern Arizona.... Read more»0

Reversal of Grand Canyon mining ban moving through Congress

A proposal to reverse a federal ban on new mining claims near the Grand Canyon survived a committee vote Tuesday and could go to the full House as early as next week.... Read more»1

Flagstaff congressman's aide quits after reports of violent Twitter posts

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar’s office confirmed Saturday the resignation of a staffer, one day after a Washington newspaper reported an aide in the Flagstaff office had posted violent and off-color Twitter messages.... Read more»0

Critics: Border Patrol bill would hurt environment

A bill that would grant the Department of Homeland Security unprecedented access to federal lands near the border was sharply criticized Friday for giving the department unchecked authority.... Read more»0

House bill would nix Grand Canyon mining ban

A House subcommittee Thursday voted to nullify the Interior Department’s recently extended ban on new mining claims on more than 1 million acres of federal land around the Grand Canyon.... Read more»0

Appeals court orders new trial in reservation assault case

A federal court Tuesday ordered a new trial for a Parker, Ariz., man accused of assaulting and seriously injuring his girlfriend in 2008. The court said attorneys should not have been allowed make additional arguments to a deadlocked jury that had twice been admonished by the judge to reach a verdict.... Read more»0

Az counties get $31.5 million for federal lands

Arizona counties last week received $31.5 million from the Interior Department to compensate them for federal lands on which they cannot collect property taxes.... Read more»0

Federal lands add billions of dollars, thousands of jobs to state

Recreation on federal lands last year supported more than 8,000 jobs in Arizona’s rural communities, the fourth-highest in the nation, according to an Interior Department report.... Read more»0

Feds extend mining-claim ban near Grand Canyon for 6 months

More than 1 million acres of government-owned land surrounding the Grand Canyon is off-limits to new mining claims until Dec. 20.... Read more»0

Park Service wants to restrict flights over Grand Canyon

The National Park Service wants to cut the annual number of tourist flights over the Grand Canyon by 30 percent, one of several proposals aimed at reducing aircraft noise heard on the ground.... Read more»0

Energy Dep't backs $359M for ‘waterless’ solar plant in Az

Construction should begin within a month on a “waterless” 700-megawatt solar power project in Maricopa County that won a $359.1 million conditional loan guarantee this week from the Department of Energy.... Read more»1

Resolution Copper

Opponents vow to fight mining land swap

Government, tribal and environmental witnesses told a congressional committee Tuesday a controversial land-swap bill needs a lot of work before they will drop their resistance to it.... Read more»0

Congress takes another look at Resolution Copper land swap

The House is taking up an Arizona land swap that would trade thousands of acres of federal land in Pinal County for thousands more owned by Resolution Copper throughout southeastern Arizona - the 10th try in the last six years.... Read more»0

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