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Stories by Jason Overdorf

Germany has a serious wolf problem and no one knows what to do about it

Since the year 2000 the number of wolf packs in Germany has mushroomed from two to more than 30. Wolves have killed some 350 farm animals across Germany during the past five years. Some farmers claim fear is stopping their sheep from breeding.... Read more»2

Foley execution boosts European support for intervention in Iraq

A video of the American journalist’s beheading by Islamist militants appears to be having the opposite of its intended effect.... Read more»0

Dressing up as cowboys and Indians is big in Germany

Inspired by Karl May's pulp novels and the movies they spawned, many Germans are fascinated by the Wild West. But with tens of thousands of German hobbyists donning feathers and camping in teepees on the weekends, real Native Americans have begun to wonder whether some Germans love them just a little too much.... Read more»0

How German coaches are crushing it at the World Cup

If any of these 6 teams wins in Brazil, Germany could claim a share of the credit.... Read more»0

India's JFK Junior

He doesn't do interviews with the foreign press, so I was only able to meet Rahul Gandhi, the once and future leader of India, elections notwithstanding, by happenstance.... Read more»0

In Kashmir, inshallah, there will be football

A new documentary on Kashmir offers the opposite of "Invictus." Following the lives of 18-year-old soccer player Basharat Bashir and his former militant father, "Inshallah, Football" offers an unusually hopeful perspective on Kashmir's cycle of violence.... Read more»0

India's population: Is sterilization the answer?

India, falling behind in its race to meet the Millennium Development Goals for reducing its birth rate by 2015, has returned to a focus on sterilization. Critics of India's repackaged population control program say the cure may be worse than the disease. ... Read more»0

Masturgate: India's cricket sex caper

Gary Kirsten, the coach of India's cricket team, tells his players: Have sex before matches, boys. And if no partner is available, then "go solo." It says so, right in the team's training manual leaked to Indian media.... Read more»0

India's 'tampon king' aims to help poor women

Not long ago, women in the small south Indian town of Coimbatore were convinced that 47-year-old A. Muruganantham was some kind of pervert. But he stuck to his guns, and in 2006, perfected a machine for making low-cost sanitary napkins for India's poor.... Read more»0

India: Incest, or star-crossed love?

When an Indian court handed down the death sentence to five family members for murdering a young couple who'd married in violation of an arcane incest taboo, women's rights activists hailed the decision. But now a new challenge from the village councils that order such killings threatens to bring more violence.... Read more»0


The Michael Jordan of India

"The only name that we think of when we think of cricket is Sachin. Every single record of batting is Sachin. Whatever — centuries, half centuries, sixers, fours, boundaries, runs, test matches, one days — he is the one."... Read more»0