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Bashar al-Assad has not abided, and will not abide, by a ceasefire. And the only way to stop Assad's campaign of slaughter is for the United States to take tangible steps with our friends and allies to help the Syrian opposition change the military balance of power on the ground. Read more»

Arizonans recognize the criticality of supporting F-35 basing as part of a continued strong military presence in Arizona, not just for the economic benefit to our constituents, but also for the strategic benefits our state provides to the security of our nation. Read more»

U.S. Sen. John McCain at an August town hall meeting in Tucson.

What opposition groups in Syria need most urgently is relief from Assad's tank and artillery sieges. The U.S. should lead an international effort to protect key population centers through airstrikes on Assad's forces. Read more»

A photo posted on Flickr reportedly shows teh result of government shelling in Homs, Syria.

The situation in Syria is often compared to Libya last year. In fact, the better analogy may be to the Balkans in the 1990s. Unfortunately, speeches and meetings by themselves will do nothing to stop the unacceptable slaughter in Syria, which is growing worse by the day. Read more»

A Phoenix light rail pass marks Arizona's 100 years of statehood.

I was nearly forty-five years old before I could claim a hometown. My ambitions brought me to Arizona, and my work keeps me away from here for more than half my time. But Arizona has given me a home, and in the thirty years that have passed since I moved here, it has worked its magic on me and enchanted me and claimed me. Read more»

Kim Jong Il in 2008, in a Korean Central News Agency photo.

The world is a better place now that Kim Jong Il is no longer in it. For more than six decades, people in North Korea have been consigned to lives of dire poverty and cruel oppression under one of the most totalitarian regimes the world has ever known. Read more»

It was not torture or cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of detainees that got us the major leads that ultimately enabled our intelligence community to find Osama bin Laden. Read more» 1

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