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The federal government gave billions to America’s schools for COVID-19 relief. Where did the money go?

After the pandemic shut down schools, the federal government provided about $190 billion in aid to help them respond to the effects of the pandemic - but in the year and a half since, the Education Department has done only limited tracking of how the money has been spent.... Read more»0

A boy with an autoimmune disease was ready to learn in person - then his state banned mask mandates

For medically vulnerable children, school-wide masking is essential to allow them to safely return to school, health experts say, yet some states and districts have made masks optional, forcing high-risk students to stay home. ... Read more»0

How Teach for America evolved into an arm of the charter school movement

The Walton Foundation, a staunch supporter of school choice and Teach for America’s largest private funder, was paying $4,000 for every teacher placed in a traditional public school — and $6,000 for every one placed in a charter school.... Read more»0

Uncovering a $1 billion deal to detain unauthorized immigrants

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it would phase out its use of private prisons. While significant, the move will not put an end to the booming immigrant detention industry. Private prison companies will continue to receive millions in government contracts to detain unauthorized immigrants.... Read more»0

Another VA headache: Privacy violations rising at vets’ medical facilities

Deceased vets’ data has been sent to the wrong widows. Employees have snooped on the records of patients who’ve committed suicide. And whistleblowers say their own medical privacy has been violated. In response, the VA says patient privacy is a priority.... Read more»0

Who keeps billions of taxpayer dollars flowing to for-profit colleges?

Accreditation agencies are supposed to make sure that colleges are putting students in a position to succeed. That’s not happening at schools overseen by one accreditor in particular. ... Read more»0

Key expert in Supreme Court lethal injection case did research on Drugs.com

How the Supreme Court case over lethal injection shows it’s becoming nearly impossible to find experts to defend the practice. ... Read more»0

Will the Supreme Court’s lethal injection review kill the death penalty?

The Supreme Court is reviewing lethal injection for the first time in seven years. Here’s what it means for the death penalty. ... Read more»0