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Millions consumed potentially unsafe water in the last 10 years

As many as 63 million people, from California to New York City, were exposed to potentially unsafe water more than once during the past decade, according to a News21 investigation.... Read more»0

Law enforcement predicts asset seizures won’t be curbed by reforms

Despite being hailed as a landmark series of reforms by proponents, law enforcement officials from around the state say changes enacted this year to Arizona’s civil asset forfeiture program won’t do much to curb the ability of police to seize cash and property from those they suspect of breaking the law.... Read more»1

Az medical boards can take years to penalize doctors who overprescribe

It can take years for a physician to be penalized for over-prescribing opioids and it's rare for licenses to be revoked. Since 2010, more than 3,600 people have overdosed and died from opioids in Arizona. Over the past 16 years, the state has sanctioned 250 doctors and assistants for overprescribing prescription pain pills.... Read more»0

Phone call rates squeeze inmate families, boost Az prison revenues

Shayna Palles says phone calls are one of the few ways she can keep her 2-year-old daughter connected to her father, who is serving a 7.5-year prison term for burglary. But connecting with her husband for the 15 minutes allowed each day has proven to be costly. Because she has a non-local number, the company handling prisoner phone calls charges her $6 for every 15-minute call she accepts.... Read more»1

Seized assets mean big money for Az law enforcement

An examination of how law enforcement agencies spend money they receive from assets seized under a federal program. Officials say the funds promote public safety, but an opponent says they encourage law enforcement to seize assets. ... Read more»0

Death by assignment: Dem bills killed in Legislature

A review of all bills introduced this legislative session found that those authored by Democrats are four times more likely in the Senate and three times more likely in the House to be assigned to multiple committees — a practice that can effectively mean a bill won't become a law. ... Read more»1

Ducey replaces state child safety director

Removing Charles Flanagan as director of the Department of Child Safety, the governor replaced him with Greg McKay, a former Phoenix police detective who blew the whistle in 2013 on thousands of reports of abuse and neglect that the state hasn't investigated. ... Read more»0

Az House panel advances bill to let more first responders administer overdose antidote

The bill would allow more first responders such as peace officers and basic-level emergency medical technicians to carry and administer naloxone hydrochloride and other opiate antidotes.... Read more»0

Republican bills aim to ax Clean Elections

If approved, the bills would have Arizonans decide whether to get rid of public financing for campaigns. Supporters of the bills say Clean Elections is ineffective. But opponents say the effort is an attempt to mislead voters.... Read more»2