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Stories by Karla Liriano

Hillary Clinton appeals to Arizona voters to put state in blue column

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a pitched plea Wednesday night for Arizona voters, focusing her courtship on embracing Latinos and other diverse voters in a race that is tightening six days before the election.... Read more»0

Grand Canyon at 'confluence' of popularity, money and conservation

With millions visiting the Grand Canyon each year, the natural wonder has become the focus of two proposed developments. One would create a tramway from the rim on the Navajo Nation. Another would add hundreds of homes just south of the national park. ... Read more»0

Bill would create REAL ID-compliant licenses – if Arizonans pay for them

A state lawmaker wants to allow Arizonans to get licenses that comply with the act – provided they pay for them. ... Read more»7

Bill would set cops' ticket quota at zero

The legislation authored by Rep. David Stevens, R-Sierra Vista, also would prevent police departments from basing promotions or assignments on the number of traffic tickets an officer writes. Supporters say quotas diminish public trust. ... Read more»0

Critics: Bill to expand Az Supreme Court a GOP 'court-packing' plan

A state lawmaker wants to expand the number of justices on the Arizona Supreme Court from five to seven, saying it would increase diversity and better serve a growing state. Two representatives from the courts say the proposed change is unnecessary, and the head of a watchdog group calls it an overt attempt to pack the high court with conservative justices.... Read more»0

Lawmaker: Use lottery to fund child-exploitation investigations

Thousands of Internet addresses in Arizona trade in child pornography and almost none of them are being investigated, said a state representative who wants to use $5 million of lottery money to increase enforcement. ... Read more»0

75 guns confiscated at Sky Harbor in 2014, 4th-highest in nation

The Transportation Security Administration confiscated 75 guns at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in 2014, the fourth-highest total in the nation. Sky Harbor’s total was up from 65 in 2013 and 53 in 2012. Tucson International Airport had 12 confiscations in 2014, up from eight in 2013. ... Read more»0