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Stories by Elaine S. Povich

Abortion bans may add to uncertainty over embryo donation

As embryo donation has become more common with advancements in infertility treatments, many state laws have not kept up - there is no federal statute governing the practice - and a rush of new abortion restrictions could further complicate the matter. ... Read more»0

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Pay transparency laws raise women’s salaries — and slightly lower men’s

Studies show that salary transparency can narrow the gender pay gap, and a West Virginia bill aims to close that gap by requiring employers to publish salaries and prohibit companies from retaliating against workers who discuss their pay ... Read more»0

Romance scams bedevil law enforcement

Romance scammers ripped off about $1 billion from would-be U.S. lovers in 2021 - up from $600 million the year before - and attorneys general say they have little success at recovering money or criminally charging romance scammers.... Read more»0

COVID woes prompt more states to require financial literacy classes

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored how few Americans are prepared for financial emergencies and how most are uninformed about personal finances, giving financial literacy requirements as a high school graduation requirement new momentum.... Read more»0

Cities and states find new ways to tax streaming services

More than half the states - including Arizona - and dozens of cities now levy taxes or fees on digital streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, aiming to recoup the revenue they lose when people cut the cable cord. ... Read more»0

Apple yields to DIY movement as 'right to repair' bills proliferate

Apple Inc. will offer some tools and parts so owners can repair their own phones, conceding to pressure from consumer groups, lawmakers who introduced bills in more than half the states and President Joe Biden.... Read more»0

Black Lives Matter, pandemic inequalities drive racial impact laws

More states are trying to assess the racial impact of new laws, as the consciousness of many legislators has been raised by the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement and the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on minorities. ... Read more»0

States use Hurricane Ida damage to push infrastructure bill

Pointing to stark pictures of inundated buildings and washed-out cars from Hurricane Ida, state and city officials are pressing Congress to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill.... Read more»0

Abortion, race, gender: Arizona Republicans and other GOP states wage culture wars

There are currently 23 statehouses where the GOP hold the governorship and both houses in the legislature, a “trifecta,” and these are where most of the conservative social issue legislation, including abortion, transgender and critical race theory laws, have been written this year. ... Read more»0

Arizona and other states braced for a wave of COVID lawsuits that never arrived

In a legislative flurry, 30 states - including Arizona - instituted liability protections designed to protect businesses from COVID-19 lawsuits, out of fear that companies would be sued for exposing workers, clients or vendors to the swiftly spreading, deadly disease.... Read more»0

Waste not? Some states are sending less food to landfills

At least eight states, all in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic except California, have laws requiring some reprocessing of food waste, to keep it out of landfills and cut down on greenhouse gases, and this year, state lawmakers have introduced at least 52 bills in 18 states involving food waste management.... Read more»0

Trump's infrastructure plan dwarfed by estimates of need

If President-elect Donald Trump is successful with his proposed $1 trillion, 10-year program to fix America’s disintegrating and inadequate infrastructure, the states have a list of critical projects handy for him. And while a trillion could be a decent down payment, it’s not nearly enough.... Read more»0

Protect wolves or hunt them? Western states are in the crosshairs

As gray wolves multiply and come off endangered species lists in Western states, a new problem has emerged: Packs of wolves are harassing ranchers, their sheep and cattle. And states are trying to walk the line between the ranchers, who view the animals as an economic and physical menace, and environmentalists, who see their reintroduction as a success story.... Read more»0


History, politics and pride: Why small cities, counties rarely merge

Small government entities hardly ever combine, even when they could eliminate duplication and save millions.... Read more»0

State gambling revenues take hit from millennials' habits

Casinos across the nation are suffering from a generation gap, especially at the slot machines, as young people seek more exotic electronic games like the ones they can play on smartphones from anywhere.... Read more»1

Some states yell 'cut' on film tax credits

Louisiana residents may go gaga over Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson when they arrive in the state later this year to film a movie about the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion. But Louisiana and some other states are starting to question whether they are giving up too much to attract such star power.... Read more»0

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