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Commentary: No-man's land captures those too rich for subsidies but too poor for sanctions. Read more»

Commentary: fewer uninsured and less inflation, but debt, mental health coverage and dental care are on the agenda for 2015. Read more»

You should shop around before choosing health plan, or you might wind up paying your insurance company a lot more than necessary. Read more»

A still from the documentary Remote Area Medical.

Commentary: a new film takes on 'world's best' medical system. Read more»

Commentary: the Democrats’ strategy seems to have been to say as little as possible about why reform was needed and how the final law would protect us from insurance industry abuses Read more»

Commentary: per capita cost of care still higher than in other nations Read more» 3

Republicans weren’t the only big winners in last Tuesday’s election. So were health insurance companies, many of which spent heavily to influence the outcome. Read more» 1

Among the things insurers don’t like about Obamacare is that it made them stop selling junk insurance. Insurers are lobbying hard behind the scenes to get lawmakers to change the law to let them sell meager policies again, and they’ve turned to Democrats in red and purple states for help. Read more» 2

There are many Americans who are beginning to question the contributions big insurance companies make to our health care system. And I’m not just talking about lefty advocates of a single-payer system. Corporate executives are also wondering why we need the big insurers and whether higher-quality and more cost-effective care could be provided to employees if they didn’t have to deal with health insurers at all. Read more»

In most of our country’s major institutions, we have little tolerance for cheating and lying. Whether it’s the court system, schools, businesses, even our sports teams, we impose stiff sanctions against those who deceive us to gain some advantage. Yet there is one arena in which misleading the public not only is abided but is the norm: politics. In fact, much of what constitutes political discourse in this country is now built on a foundation of dishonesty. Read more»

Commentary: critics falsely claimed Obamacare would make matter worse. Read more»

Public relations techniques rule as dialogue gives way to talking points: Politicians have misled voters for as long as there have been politicians. At times, though, and not so long ago, it was not a death wish to claim to be a moderate willing to work with members of the other party. That’s hardly possible when message makers call the shots. Read more»

Participants in the health care marketplace would be wise to shop around. Read more» 2

Both sides of the Obamacare debate present at this rally in January 2008.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, its opponents have spent an estimated $450 million on political ads attacking the law. While those attacks likely cost some Democrats their congressional seats in 2012, a new report indicates that, crazy as it sounds, those ads may have contributed to the success of the legislation this year. Read more»

Commentary: A Center for Public Integrity series documented abuses, but don't expect action from Congress. Read more»

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