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'Un prophète' provides a gristly but honest portrayal of the French prison system and organized crime through the eyes of a young Muslim convict. Read more»

Why adapt "Alice" in this way, as a series of Cirque de Soleil freak-meets in a Wonderland – called “Underland” in the film – that resembles the alien cosmos inhabited by the Teletubbies more than anything else? Tim Burton, you have so much to answer for. Read more» 2

The Tucson Festival of Books is one of our city’s more unique events, featuring a panoply of children’s events, author interviews, writing workshops and panels. Read more» 1

Alice Munro has been labeled as a practitioner of "Southern Ontario Gothic" for years, and she’s never been Goth-ier than in her latest collection, "Too Much Happiness," which was published in November by Knopf. Read more» 2

Every year The Loft hosts the Oscar Shorts program – all ten nominees for Best Live Action and Best Animated Short Films – and it’s always a blast; one of Tucson’s best cinematic events of the year. Read more»

With some inspired moments and a strong cast, "The Crazies" is a fun night out at the movies. All in all, it’s one of the better horror remakes of recent years though the bar as been set very low. Read more»

Cover art for 'Sticky Fingers' by Andy Warhol

As Tucson gears up for a massive bout of Warholia, including a Velvet Underground tribute, it might behoove one to revisit some of the other music that came out of that era. Read more» 6

Visiting poet Camille Dungy

This Friday and Saturday, Casa Libre will host a “Poetry Weekend” led by acclaimed poet Camille Dungy. The weekend-long event will feature two extensive morning workshops, afternoon exercises and evening poetry readings. Read more»

What "The Wolfman" really amounts to is a sloppy mishmash of Gothic romance and classic creature feature, and because it doesn’t handle either side of that equation deftly enough, the whole thing just lands with a thud. Read more»

So if we initially fell in love with the show as a kind of grand, post-9/11 mythological inquiry into post-traumatic communities, then what are we still doing watching the show six years later? The Final Season is being billed as our big pay-off, the one where we finally get to find out all the answers to the various mysteries and inexplicable occurrences that have driven the show for the past five seasons. Read more» 1