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Tucson author Shannon Cain, now living in Paris, was at the scene of Wednesday evening's demonstration. 'I was surprised at the light police presence at tonight's vigil at Place de la Republique,' she wrote. 'Thousands and thousands of people were crammed into the vast plaza, the streets closed on all sides, the masses chanting. I inched my way through the crowd for an hour and didn't see any police except for few protective cars blocking traffic. The mood was somber but defiant. Sad and angry and wholly nonviolent. They chanted 'Freedom of expression' and 'We are not afraid.' I heard absolutely no anti-Muslim sentiment, not a single word. I brought a bagful of candles and cups and gave away bits of light to strangers. The crowd was massive, gentle, grieving. The night was warm.'

Wednesday's attack is the deadliest suspected Islamist attack on French territory and is sure to crank up fear in a country already tense after a series of recent incidents. Read more»

Some experts worry increased security and surveillance in Europe could lead to a backlash, and a more radicalized public. Read more»

Charlie Hebdo changed its website to read 'Je suis Charlie,'a phrase being used around the world as a show of solidarity for the magazine, after an attack Wednesday left 12 dead.

Charlie Hebdo's French satirists had refused to bow in face of terror threats. Islamist radicals were among the favorite targets of its biting, sometimes crude, satire — along with French politicians, religious leaders of all denominations and celebrities from Michael Jackson to anti-Semitic comic Dieudonee M'bala Mbala. Read more»

Micro-climates and micro-micro-climates: The Douro Valley's reputation for table wines began taking off in the 1990s.

In a region known for port, winemakers along the Douro Valley are taking top prizes for reds and whites. Read more»

A WWI Memorial in Netherbury, England

Later this week, the world will mark 100 years since the assassination of an Austrian prince in the Bosnian city of Sarajevo dragged the great powers of the time into a conflict they called "the war to end all wars." Read more»

Nationalist campaigners are stirring patriotic passions ahead of a landmark referendum in the fall. Read more»

European Parliament, Brussels.

As voters select a new European Parliament this week, here's why it matters. Read more»

Sunday’s elections to the European Parliament may be a big yawn for most voters, but they’re set to provide a dramatic boost to far-right parties across the continent. Read more»

Syrian rebels gather in front of the remains of a burnt military vehicle belonging to Syrian government forces, Homs province.

The European Union decided to let an arms embargo against the Syrian rebels expire, while the White House reportedly asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone in Syria. Read more»

Almost 8,000 Spanish journalists have lost their jobs since 2008, according to trade union figures. But problems for Europe's press range far beyond Spain, as the economic crisis depresses advertising and sales in a sector already struggling to adapt to the rise of new digital media. Read more»

The EU's most recognizable leader, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, was 'humbled' by the award.

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union has provoked joy and jeers, but also acknowledgement of the dangers posed by an economic crisis that's placing unprecedented strains on the organization that binds together the old continent's historic enemies. Read more»

English fish and chips.

Northern Europe is enjoying a food renaissance. Once maligned British nosh is now hailed – even in France. Read more» 1

Amsterdam's town council, backed by the tourist board and local campaigners, is opposing a new law proposed by the Dutch government that would ban foreigners from frequenting the city's cannabis-serving coffee shops by 2012. Read more»

The Belgian Federal Parliament building in Brussels, where a bill granting amnesty to surviving Nazi collaborators will be debated.

Political wrangling has left Belgium without a fully functioning government for a year. Now relations have been further strained by a bill that seeks amnesty for surviving Nazi collaborators and compensation for their descendants. Read more» 1

Italy's right-wing Interior Minister Roberto Maroni suggested last month that Italy should consider leaving the EU, claiming other EU nations had refused to help take in around 25,000 Tunisians who have arrived in his country since the revolution there.

Anti-EU political parties gain momentum with the announcement that taxpayers' money will be used to aid Portugal. Read more»

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