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Forest Service plans to cull Arizona wild horse herd

Later this year, the U.S. Forest Service will finalize a management plan for a herd of horses near the Heber Wild Horse Territory - which touches six cattle grazing allotments in Black Canyon - and though the public comment period ended last year, the community is still split.... Read more»0

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Judge finds poaching remedies vague in Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will have six months to come up with specific actions to address poaching of endangered Mexican gray wolves — actions that should have been included in a recovery plan published in 2017, a federal judge ruled Friday.... Read more»0

Arizona AG takes on Biden administration over vaccine mandate

The planned OSHA rules that will force employers of more than 100 people to require Covid-19 vaccines undermines federalism, state Attorney General Mark Brnovich claims. ... Read more»0

Tucson backs off employee vaccine requirement after Arizona AG deems it illegal

The city of Tucson on Tuesday paused a policy of requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 after Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said the mandate was illegal. ... Read more»0

Lawsuit challenges new Arizona abortion restrictions, 'personhood' provision

Abortion rights advocates are asking a federal court to block a sweeping new Arizona abortion law that they say grants civil rights to fetuses, embryos and fertilized human eggs and is set to take effect Sept. 29. ... Read more»0

Feds confirm Colorado River shortage, water allocation cuts coming in 2022

Arizona, Nevada and Mexico will get less Colorado River water next year after the Bureau of Reclamation on Monday released a key monthly report that determines river water allocations for the coming year. ... Read more»0

Tribal influence over Arizona water growing

Because of the confluence of relatively recent water rights settlements and a looming shortage of Colorado River water, Native American tribes like the Tohono O’odham Nation and Gila River Indian Community will have growing influence in the water market. ... Read more»0

Colorado River shortage to hit Central Arizona farmers hardest

Seven states from Utah to California share the Colorado River’s roughly 15 million acre-feet of water annually, but in the 100 years since the states agreed how to share the water, it has become clear that the river is over-allocated. ... Read more»0

Colorado River shortage expected to hit Arizona farms first

With Arizona farmers expecting to take hit next year on their allocation of Colorado River water, water planners, managers, and researchers statewide are keeping a close eye on models that show the shortage could hit cities and towns in the next few years.... Read more»0

Judge: Arizona Department of Corrections must explain inadequate prison health care

A federal judge in Arizona rescinded a settlement agreement in a suit alleging inadequate prison health care, finding that the state hasn't met required benchmarks. ... Read more»0

Tossing unsigned ballots on Election Day is OK, Arizona tells 9th Circuit

During an appeal stemming from a June 2020 lawsuit, attorneys for the state and the Republican Party told a three-judge Ninth Circuit panel a federal judge erred when he blocked Arizona county recorders from throwing out unsigned ballots at the end of Election Day.... Read more»0

Federal contempt charge likely for Maricopa Sheriff Penzone

Maricopa Sheriff Paul Penzone - a Democrat who succeeded Trump-pardoned Republican Joe Arpaio - is not complying with a court order to overhaul how the department investigates officer misconduct, a federal judge said Thursday, signaling he will find Penzone in contempt.... Read more»0

Arizona readies for cuts in Colorado River water allocation

Leaders from Reclamation, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the Central Arizona Project, which delivers much of the state’s share of the river to more than half its residents, offered a glimpse Thursday of where Arizona stands with the shortage looming.... Read more»0

Chief Magnus - Biden pick to lead Customs and Border Protection - is no stranger to border conflict

If Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, President Joe Biden’s pick to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection, makes it to nomination hearings in the Senate, the law enforcement reformer will likely face an angry gauntlet of questioning from Republican senators.... Read more»0

GOP lawmakers take fight over new education tax to Arizona high court

A new income tax approved by voters in November violates the state constitution and should be blocked, attorneys for a group of Republican lawmakers argued Tuesday before the Arizona Supreme Court.... Read more»0

Arizona parks find a way to survive through COVID pandemic

In 2020, about 2.9 million people came from across the nation to Arizona’s 30 state parks and historic sites, which include Picacho Peak, where the westernmost Civil War battle was fought to a draw; the Tombstone courthouse where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday faced trial; and a memorial to the Granite Mountain Hotshots, 19 firefighters killed in a 2013 wildfire.... Read more»0

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