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A throwaway comment by Steven Seagal that he thinks it might be fun to run for governor of Arizona has inspired much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among your Facebook friends. Even ostensibly serious journalists have been chasing the story, giving the bloated action movie hack more ink than any of the actual candidates have received. Read more» 5

When hip-hop artist performed at the Hotel Congress a few years back, he stayed in one of the rooms that is purported to be haunted. I say "purported" because I am a bit of a skeptic about such things, even though my Mexican grandmother regularly spoke to relatives who had passed on. Read more»

Last week, there was a settlement in the State of Arizona’s case against two Tucson Transportation Department supervisors who misappropriated at least $83,000 in public resources for personal gain. They will each have to pay just $5,000 to the city. This result is a failing by state, rather than city, officials Read more»

Hank Oyama and Mary Ann Jordan on their wedding day.

The last time I saw Hank Oyama was about two years ago. I ran into him at an event Downtown and he asked me to walk him back to his car. It quickly became obvious that he really needed no particular help, but that he just wanted some company while he wandered around the heart of the city he loved to share some stories, and he was certainly someone who had more than a few stories to tell. Read more» 2

How bright is the future for La Placita?

Much like a monsoon haboob or a lengthy speech by an East Valley Republican, 2012 promises more dust-ups and hot air in the local political arena. Here's one take on what the year holds: on wry, hold the pickle. Read more» 5

Hugh Holub died early Monday at age 65.

I knew the legend of Hugh Holub before I ever met the man. It would be an exaggeration to say that Hugh taught me everything I know. However, it would be perfectly fair to say that what he said made a lot of things make more sense. Read more» 1

After a quarter-century of solid songwriting, countless club gigs and a brief flirtation with the big time, Tucson's prototypical desert rockers played a final show this week. Much like their city, the story of the Sidewinders/Sand Rubies is as much about what could have been as about what came to be. Read more» 2

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