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New law helps cities recoup costs of cleaning up when vandals caught

Local officials are welcoming a new law that will allow Arizona cities and towns to recoup cleanup costs from vandals. The measure allows officials to add the cost of material and labor required for graffiti abatement to fines assessed in cases of criminal damage. ... Read more»0

Digital book program aims to prevent summer reading slide

Summer vacation often means a break from schoolwork for students, but to Terri Clark it means the potential for the summer slide – and not the one at the local water park. That’s because it can be a time when kids lose reading and literacy skills they learned during the school year because they don’t read over the summer.... Read more»0

U.S., Mexico collaborate on flood to boost Colorado River delta

For more than 20 years, water from the Colorado River has stopped at Morelos Dam, which diverted its flow into Mexican canals for agriculture and municipal use. But in March, water began rushing through the gates to help regenerate the river’s delta habitats.... Read more»0

Packed pounds prompt adoption flights

With shelters in Arizona facing an overabundance of chihuahuas, groups sometimes turn to shipping them to states where there's a better chance of finding homes. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control winds up euthanizing hundreds of chihuahuas each year. ... Read more»0

Grassroots effort seeks labeling of genetically modified foods in Az

With no funding and facing a July deadline to gather 173,000 signatures, a Tucson man is out to require labels telling consumers whether food products are genetically engineered or made with genetically engineered ingredients.... Read more»0

Pearl Harbor survivor commemorates stamp honoring USS Arizona Memorial

It’s been more than seven decades since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but 91-year-old Albert Thomas’ memories of that day haven’t dimmed. He wants to make sure other Americans don’t forget the details either. The Mesa resident visited the state’s World War II memorial Tuesday to help commemorate a USS Arizona Memorial postage stamp.... Read more»0

Phx printer encouraging businesses to take on SB 1062 through signs

Scott Koehler’s feelings on SB 1062 are no secret to those passing his printing business on North Central Avenue in Phoenix. “Governor Brewer Veto SB 1062 / Bad For Business Bad for Arizona,” reads a banner covering much of the north side of FastSigns on Central.... Read more»0

Advocates slam proposal to charge for searching public records

A proposal that would allow governments to charge a labor fee for time-intensive public records requests would restrict access to information and undermine open government, a media attorney told lawmakers Thursday. “Bottom line is public records in Arizona belong to the people."... Read more»0

Az lawmaker targets revenge porn, seeking felony charge

The bill by Rep. J.D. Mesnard, R-Chandler, would make it a felony to knowingly distribute images showing a person who is nude or engaged in a sexual act without the written consent of the pictured individual. It carries harsher penalties if the individual is recognizable. ... Read more»0

Az seeing more cases of nicotine over-exposure from e-cigarettes

With electronic cigarettes gaining popularity, officials in Arizona and nationwide are seeing more cases of people exposed to too much nicotine, not just from inhaling but by spilling or swallowing the liquid drug.... Read more»0