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Stories by Tara Alatorre

Federal plan won’t end uranium mining near Grand Canyon

Historically high uranium prices and the promise of nuclear power to curb America’s reliance on fossil fuels have sparked new interest in mining near the Grand Canyon.... Read more»0

Leopard frog habitat plan jumps ahead

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is seeking to designate more than 11,000 acres in Arizona and New Mexico as critical habitat for the threatened Chiricahua leopard frog.... Read more»0

State board: Banning new mines near Grand Canyon would protect wildlife

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission on Wednesday endorsed a U.S. Department of the Interior proposal to withdraw more than 1 million acres surrounding the Grand Canyon from mining for the next 20 years.... Read more»0

Lawmakers seek to remove federal oversight of Az air and water

Conservative lawmakers' efforts to assert Arizona's sovereignty extend to who's ultimately responsible for regulating the quality of the state's air and water.... Read more»0

GOP legislators want to remove gray wolf from endangered list

A group GOP lawmakers wants to urge Congress to remove the endangered species designation for the gray wolf, including a subspecies reintroduced in Arizona in 1998.... Read more»0

Artificial floods in Grand Canyon could reduce non-native trout

Artificial floods over 14 years helped rebuild sandbars in the Grand Canyon but may have pushed non-native rainbow trout into an area frequented by the endangered humpback chub,... Read more»0

Homes on the range: Bill would help property owners when cattle wander

State Rep. Daniel Patterson, D-Tucson, has introduced legislation aimed at making it easier for property owners to recover damages when cattle wander off open range and encourage ranchers to prevent intrusions.... Read more»0