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Women in a small Colombian town can finally return to the bedroom.The women have been on a "sex strike" since June to demand that the road connecting their town to the rest of the country be paved. Read more» 8

Vampire bats are the leading cause of rabies in Latin America. Now, for the first time, health authorities have confirmed that someone in the United States died from rabies transmitted by a vampire bat. (with video) Read more»

Brazilian drug dealers are using Amy Winehouse's image and a Peruvian man comes up with a creative way to smuggle cocaine. Read more»

A bullfight at Plaza de los Toros in Cancún, Mexico, on May 3, 2007.

Activists who gathered in Lima last week to protest the mistreatment of bulls agree: "Bullfighting promotes violence, torture and cruelty to animals for no reason," William Soberon, of the Anti-Bullfighting Front of Peru, told La Republica. "We're not in the colonial era." Read more» 1

The Mexican government has turned to animated cartoons and TV characters to try to convince the public to support the drug fight. (with videos) Read more» 2

A makeshift armored vehicle seized in Camargo, Mexico, is seen in this photo released by the Mexican Defense Department in June.

Drug cartels are certainly violent — but they're also creative. The gangs now covet crude armored vehicles with armor plating, air conditioning and gun ports. Read more»

Here's a fun measure of economic growth: beer drinking. Beer sales in Latin America are growing faster than expected, the world's No. 2 brewer said last week. Read more»

There's a "state of emergency" in Mexico, and this time it's not about the bodies piling up—the country is packing on the pounds, yet much of the population doesn't have enough to eat. Read more»

After it was spotted off of Colombia's Pacific coast by the U.S. Coast Guard, a Colombian crew sank this blue fiberglass semi-submersible.

The U.S. guards the border. The Mexican army patrols the streets. Yet the cartels keep coming up with new ways to get their drugs into the United States, including submarines, tanks and catapults. Read more» 1

Agustin Carstens

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde is the leading contender for the IMF's next leader, but Mexico thinks it has the "ideal candidate" for the post. The Mexican government is supporting the country's central bank boss, Agustin Carstens. Read more»

A Latin American decade? The term is starting to be tossed around. We won't pretend to have a magic eight ball, but there's certainly plenty to watch in the region. Read more»